Election Improprieties Foil Electoral Process

It is that time of year and we like to stay neutral during the silly season but we just can’t avoid this one. When it comes to corruption, cookies, and alcohol – that falls into our wheelhouse!

Some of you may have read about the recently overturned student government elections at both CU and DU. In each case, candidates were sent packing when “improprieties” were found in their campaigns. 

At DU’s University Student Government elections, Tess Greenwald and Chandler Carlson campaigned against Aish Narang and Danny Kay (not the old entertainer) – who were forced to resign from the race (see their Facebook page). As a result, the election fell to the tandem of  Greenwald and Carlson.

According to The Clarion, “The Narang-Kay campaign was suspended on April 26 after being found guilty of violation of the Senate Affairs 2016 Elections Bylaws and the DU Honor Code for counts of misrepresenting the support of and relationship with the Chancellor’s Office, serving alcohol at a campaign-related event, serving alcohol at a campaign-related event to minors and hosting a campaign event for students, including those beyond the campaign team, before teams were allowed to campaign, according to the campaign’s Facebook page.

In a somewhat cryptic parting Facebook response, Narang said, “I believe that DU deserves the absolute best from its leaders, and at this current time, as a team, we are not able to provide the kind of leadership that you deserve; at this time, our values and ethics in our leadership styles differ,” (i.e. we like to party – they don’t)

This from a university that offers pot journalism courses to undergrads, hosts marijuana summits, and offers JD classes on pot law on campus. So, is it realistic in this day and age to think that 18 – 20 year olds don’t drink and smoke? As for hosting participants ‘beyond the (campaign) team’ – that sounds like a regular old party to me. 

As for the CU Student election, their election was overturned when 2 of 3 winners of the Tri-Presidency were thrown out for bribing student voters. The Revolutionary Party (yes-it’s Boulder) brought in a high-powered election attorney, Ryan Call, to defend their case but to no avail. And the violations? The most serious accusation against the candidates — two of the three students on the winning tri-executive ticket — was that they tried to bribe students to vote for them with cookie cakes and pizzas. Luckily, the guilty parties, Colton Lyons and Marcus Fotenos, will not get their greasy mitts on 23 million dollars in student fees.

So what are we to conclude?

The CU charges should have been attempted congestive heart failure – not bribery. As for DU’s Greenwald-Carlson, they vow to ‘fight apathy on campus’. Without booze? Good luck with that.


2 thoughts on “Election Improprieties Foil Electoral Process”

  1. 5b- Glad you finally posted a picture of yourself. What’s missing in the whole election scenario is that Hillary and the Donald both lied, cheated, committed crimes against humanity and human decency, and still managed to become their party’s presumptive nominees. DU is indeed backwards. However, both presidential nominees should be profs at DU teaching those wanting to run for office how not to get busted.
    I was actually impressed that the losing team met with the Chancellor and presented to her their platform. However, I thought that was a little fishy, for they really had no platform outside of open communications.
    Boone is obviously the leader of students on campus. Boone will keep DU great forever! Boone hats with a tail needed saying:

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