Colorado College launches unique uniform campaign

As Colorado College prepares to release their newly redesigned uniforms next week, LetsGoDU can exclusively report additional news on the announcement after obtaining an advance copy of the press announcement.

Colorado College is focusing on sustainability as a key element of the Tiger Athletic’s brand. “In a collegiate athletics first, all our uniforms will be clearly labeled gluten and GMO-free,” said Associate Athletic Director Greg Capell. “Furthermore, all of our sweaters are made from 50% free range cotton that was hand raised following a strict organic regimen.”

“The garden Gnome is symbolic of our belief in sustainability. Each gnome is crafted by our art department out of 100% dried sheep dung and we will be selling these at the Broadmoor World Arena. All proceeds will go toward the purchase of carbon offsets to cover our team’s travel this upcoming season.”

Capell goes on to state, “Even the cardboard boxes used in shipping our new uniforms contain recycled discarded ticket renewal forms.”