Men’s Lacrosse to Add Much Needed Shot Clock

The NCAA Lacrosse Rules Committee is going to introduce a 60 second shot clock for men’s collegiate lacrosse with an additional 20 seconds to get the ball into the offensive half. A LetsGoDU article covered the topic last season but this issue has been raging for a long time.

lacrosse shot clock2

The mechanics? Twenty seconds to clear to midfield, then a 60-second shot clock, according to sources to multiple Inside Lacrosse reporters. Paul Rabil first tweeted this would be the form of shot clock for men’s lacrosse. The change will be effective for the upcoming 2019 season.

So what does this decision mean for DU?

Well, it is too early to tell.

Teams that already employ a free-lance style of lacrosse, such as Albany, would appear to have an advantage. However, Denver recruits and encourages their players to participate in box lacrosse. And, the sport utilizes a shot clock. These players are used to working in traffic and getting off shots in tight quarters. On the other hand, the around-the-horn perimeter passing employed by Denver to initiate their offense will need to be shortened and additional work will be required on their interior offense. Also, from a recruiting perspective, athletic and skilled one-on-one creative offensive players will be in high demand as offenses will require players that can break down defenses when the shot clock is running down.

Fans on both sides of the issue have made compelling arguments. However, the demand for a shot clock was overwhelming.

Starting in the spring of 2017, Division I women’s lacrosse has been using a 90-second shot clock which begins with possession. And, in our view has improved the women’s game.

In your opinion, is an 80-second shot clock the right way to go for men’s lacrosse? Also, how will the new rules impact DU?

3 thoughts on “Men’s Lacrosse to Add Much Needed Shot Clock”

  1. I understand new rule as written and explained by you 5b. (you were only one to recognize it’s a 80 second clock in total) So over mid filed, you have 60 seconds to score. Seems like the box is “totally eliminated”. Offense now has 60 seconds to do its stuff on half a field. W/o having to touch up in box, changes in personnel can be made quicker. I wish people on other sites would stop offering their alternatives. We live with what the committee implements. Bucknell with their 10 man ride may thrive.

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  2. Agree with ccdunks. The game will be sped up to a degree and it will put dodging players into a higher priority.

    The more intense clearing and riding game will make those first 20 second offensive possessions way more panic-filled as teams need to go fast upfield to midfield, then they are now with the current rules where clears often go backwards as much as forwards. DU will also need to up its clearing and riding game with these new rules.

    I think the new shot clock won’t always produce a shot, either. Some teams will just eat clock on offense late in games by laying down the ball down in the corner, givee up the possession as the clock winds down and try to regain it on the opponents’ inbounds pass where a defense can set up for it, rather than just giving back a possession on a missed shot.

    Looking forward to it, though. Stall-ball is not fun to watch. This is the right move, and since Tierney’s in tight with the rules committee, I am sure DU has been getting ready for this on the recruiting, strategic and tactical fronts…

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