Denver Men’s Soccer Controls Own NCAA Destiny

The Summit League men’s soccer schedule is heading into the last, hectic, winner-take-all weeks. Unlike prior seasons, there will not be an end-of-season Summit League men’s tournament and the regular season conference winner will be awarded an NCAA Tournament bid.

Each team in the Summit will have played ten games by the end of the season, as shown above. But due to COVID-19 postponements, though, DU will play four games between April 9th and 18th, a span of nine days. Cellar-dwelling Eastern Illinois has three games left, two against DU. Omaha has two games left, both against Denver. ORU, UMKC, and Western Illinois each have just one game left.

Denver is still in good shape for a potential title run.

ORU has a tough final match against Kansas City on April 10th and both teams will have to wait to see their fate as this will be their 10th and final match. If Denver can defeat last-place Eastern Illinois April 10th and 12th on the road, that will set up a showdown between Denver and Omaha for a 2-game home and home series to likely determine the conference champion and NCAA representative. But there is very little wiggle room for Denver.

Assuming all 10 games are played, a tie-breaker will depend on head-to-head competition. Denver dropped two matches to ORU at home so a tie with ORU would go to the Golden Eagles. A Denver split with Omaha with ORU in third place would damage DU because Omaha has a tie and a win against ORU – the Summit League tiebreaker uses the record against the top seed. A tie with Kansas City would favor Denver because Denver won both games against the Kangaroos while Omaha was swept by the Kangaroos. If Omaha and Denver end in a tie for first and UMKC is third, Denver would win because they had the better record against the Kangaroos.

Yes, it’s all very complicated but if Denver wins their remaining four games, they will win the Summit League and earn a trip to the NCAA Tournament. A tie or loss during the four-game stretch will likely set up a number of tiebreakers that may or may not fall in Denver’s favor.

Top photo courtesy of Denver Athletics

5 thoughts on “Denver Men’s Soccer Controls Own NCAA Destiny”

  1. Excellent breakdown! Yes – 4 games in nine days with three of them on the road is a tall order for DU, a reality made possible by DU’s facepalm disaster weekend against Oral Roberts at home earlier this season.

    However, half of those four games are against winless EIU. If the Pios can’t beat those guys twice in any weather or location, they don’t deserve to go dancing. The other two are against Omaha, an opponent that always seems to get DU’s best effort. Since the Pios still control their own destiny, this four game stretch will show us if they are truly NCAA worthy or not this year.

  2. Dunker appreciates the post and excellent breakdowns. Very proud of you 5bwest. Puck and you are probably the only people who can listen to soccer on the radio 📻.

  3. Let’s go DU soccer. Please remember, that DU was in the top 4 of the country not too long ago. No pressure.

  4. I have a couple suggestions. First and foremost, how about a sweet article on DU’s top 10 moments from the frozen fours since 2004. Second, maybe scale back on twitter about the UMass name issue? Was that funny 2 years ago…if so, is it funny now? If it’s yes and yes, I stand corrected.

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