Denver and North Dakota: One and the Same

Photo Credit: Andy Cross, The Denver Post

There is no denying the extensive history between the University of Denver and the University of North Dakota hockey programs.

Since their first meeting when both programs joined the Midwest Collegiate Hockey League (MCHL) back in 1951, the incredibly talented teams have battled each year to create a unique conference rivalry. Continue reading Denver and North Dakota: One and the Same

Preparations Continue for Weekend Tilt

Ritchie Center 1

Photos: A truck delivers chemicals for El Polmar Natatorium. Donation drums are placed on the south side of Ritchie Center.

Work resumed at a fever pitch, supporting the “Help a Hawk” initiative. The DU – University of North Dakota hockey series starts this Friday night in Denver, Colorado.

A truck (featured photo) delivered four tons of chlorine at the west entrance to treat the El Polmar Natatorium for visitors who elect the bathe at the Ritchie Center.

Spectators are encouraged to bring donated goods to the game and place them in the “Help a Hawk” green drums placed at the south, west, and north entrances.

Denver’s Jim Montgomery Walking the Walk

They say if you’re going to talk the talk, you had better walk the walk. Throughout the year, certainly one with its hills and valleys, the University of Denver head hockey coach Jim Montgomery has been doing his fair share of talking…at least to me.

But hey, don’t a lot of coaches talk too? Isn’t that what DI college coaches do? What makes “Monty” so special or different? Continue reading Denver’s Jim Montgomery Walking the Walk

Update: NCHC Rejects DU Proposal

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The NCHC rejected a proposal from the University of Denver to allow North Dakota wear their uniforms inside-out on Saturday night to save on laundry expenses for the cash-strapped university.

North Dakota

Photo: If approved, Saturday night’s game may have looked something like this (above)

UND, facing $5.0 million dollars in budget cuts, is looking for creative ways to reduce spending. State budget cuts have been mandated in lieu of the reduced oil production and revenue flowing into state coffers.

DU Board Intervenes to Salvage Hockey Weekend


The DU Board of Trustees met Friday afternoon in a special session amid growing concerns over University of North Dakota’s $5 million dollar budget shortfall. According to the meeting minutes, exclusively obtained by LetsGoDU, the board was troubled by the influx of cash strapped North Dakotans traveling to Denver for next weekend’s Pioneers – Fighting Sioux Hawks hockey series at Magness Arena.

DU has developed a detailed emergency plan to accommodate both the Fighting Hawks’ team as well as their fans. The seven point plan includes the following: Continue reading DU Board Intervenes to Salvage Hockey Weekend

DU Crashes the Boards & Dashes Omaha, 75-72

UNO (15-10) returned home to Baxter Arena to face the Denver Pioneers. The Pioneers (13-11) dominated the boards (39-25), outscored the Omaha bench by 23 points, and overcame the second half loss of Joe Rosga and 18 turnovers for the big road win. The Pioneers were tied twice by the Mavericks who shut down a 16 point second half deficit  – but DU never trailed. Continue reading DU Crashes the Boards & Dashes Omaha, 75-72

Cheaters Bail After LetsGoDU Article

The pressure on Louisville, following a LetsGoDU article published earlier this week, has led them to announce that they have ‘volunteered’ to skip post season play this season, according to the New York Times.

This decision helps to eliminate potential embarrassment during this post-season Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, especially if Louisville advanced, with a mountain of evidence showing improprieties in recruiting. Continue reading Cheaters Bail After LetsGoDU Article

ND Budget Shortfall Puts Logo at Risk

The Grand Forks Herald posted an article on the State’s budget shortfall with the collapse of oil prices. One professor is calling for a halt to Fighting Hawk logo development, at a cost savings of $49,500. The University of North Dakota is being asked to take $5 million dollars out of their operating budget.

In the spirit of goodwill & sportsmanship, LetsGoDU proposes the following: Continue reading ND Budget Shortfall Puts Logo at Risk

Students Attendence in Decline


Traditional approaches to drawing students to sporting events is no longer working. This trend is neither unique nor exclusive to the University of Denver.

The Wall Street Journal conducted a study on the declining student attendance, mainly targeting football, but relevant to other sports as well. The 2014 WSJ study addressed  average student attendance at college football games which  dropped for football 7.1% since 2009. Continue reading Students Attendence in Decline

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