Happy Campers Show Pioneer Pride for Breakfast

Photo: DU juniors show Pioneer Pride early Friday morning.

While their peers were likely sleeping in, Juniors Dustin Weilbach – a junior from Littleton and  John Sampson- a Junior from Pennsylvania were the first to set up shop at the Magness Arena door for the annual hockey ticket camp out. You have to be a true Pioneer hockey fan to set up shop on cold concrete to get your tickets for Pioneer hockey. Continue reading Happy Campers Show Pioneer Pride for Breakfast

Historic St Louis Soccer Program Invades CIBER

The University of St. Louis Billikens visit CIBER field tonight. They were the dominant force in men’s collegiate soccer during the late 1950s through the mid-1970s. The Billikens have won 10 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championships – the most of any men’s college soccer program. Also, according to Wikipedia, SLU also holds the record for most NCAA Tournament appearances with 44 – most recently in 2014. They were guided in the past by two coaching legends. Head Coach Bob Guelker led them to their first five championships while Harry Keough coached the last five championship teams  They hail from the Atlantic 10 conference. Their current record is 1-1-2 with an impressive win over Wake Forest (1-0 final) and ties with Tulsa and Marquette. Their loss came against North Carolina in Chapel Hill (0-3 final).  Continue reading Historic St Louis Soccer Program Invades CIBER

DU LAX Announces Schedule on Twitter Today

The University of Denver men’s lacrosse program will be releasing their schedule today on twitter (@DU_MLAX). This upcoming year’s schedule has been eagerly anticipated with the expectation that several high-powered lacrosse programs will be traveling to Peter Barton Stadium.

LetsGoDU will be updating the schedule (below) during the day. Denver’s Fall Schedule is already in place. The fall schedule will be emotional for Coach Tierney as DU travels to Sparks, Maryland to play his former team Princeton on William G. Tierney Field at US Lacrosse headquarters. Then, DU takes on the Canadian National team the following weekend at Peter Barton.



Oblivious Pitino Continues, Untouched, into Year Two

As reported in a recent ESPN article, Louisville’s Rick Pitino continues to escape the long arm of the NCAA law. As you will recall, a year ago (Fall 2015) a book was published, Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen by Katina Powell which reported Louisville basketball staff  offered recruits, fathers and their guardians “special favors” if recruits committed to Louisville. These favors were delivered on campus and involved financial exchanges between the Louisville coaching staff, players, and female entertainers. Continue reading Oblivious Pitino Continues, Untouched, into Year Two

DU Conference Affiliation Hinges on Basketball

No DU sports discussion generates more interest than DU’s primary league affiliation, the Summit League.

It all starts by dominating the Summit league in basketball.

Like it or not, DU’s only chance to eventually move to a new conference hinges on the school’s ability to succeed in men’s basketball. That will require an improved RPI and success in the Summit League before DU will be considered by other conferences for membership. For non-football schools, a healthy revenue producing basketball program adds greater national visibility, fills conference coffers, and covers athletic department operating budgets – that is what every conference wants in a new member. Continue reading DU Conference Affiliation Hinges on Basketball

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