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A hot ticket just got hotter

Photo: Demand for seats for this year’s Frozen Four is bound to be sky high at Chicago’s United Center.

“This is going to be big,” said Brian Elizardi, Director of Alumni Engagement for DU told LetsGoDU. “We have been working on this [Frozen Four] for a long time and we have some exciting plans in place. There will be events in Chicago and 11 more around the country to celebrate the University of Denver’s success.”

In a memo, Brandon Buzbee, DU’s associate Vice Chancellor for Global networks cites a unique alliance between Global Networks and DU Athletics to bring the DU community together in a way that it has never been done before. The Frozen Four is seen by DU as a golden opportunity to build the DU brand and forge lasting ties with their alumni network. Continue reading A hot ticket just got hotter

Is this all you got, Penn State?

Ten reasons why PSU doesn’t have what it takes:

  • A touchdown and a field goal…but it’s was against Union College

  • Claim to fame – Penn State alum John Aniston, the father of Jennifer. Kate Upton’s parents went to DU – checkmate.

  • Fictional character Bruce Banner -better known as “The Hulk” is a PSU graduate. Get real.

  • In Pennsylvania it is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. Time to either shut down the Penn State Kappa house or put them on the clock.

  • And ‘Happy Valley’ versus the Mile High City? In Denver, if you can fog up a mirror you can get a liquor license and weed is legal. Who’s really happier?

  • Only 60 months of real hockey? Watch out for the diaper pins.

  • A head coach named Guy. How ordinary.

  • Aslan, Mufasa, Scar, Nala, the Cowardly Lion and even the MGM Lion. All these and you pick a non-existent mythical lion as a mascot?

  • Penn State team uniforms look like they came straight out of the box. It’s all about putting in a little effort.

  • Football Skule

DU faces off against Penn State today at 4:00 MT for the right to advance to the Frozen Four in Chicago.

Michigan Tech skates without dates

Photo: In the near future Michigan Tech hockey may be taking inspiration from Julia Roberts

If Michigan Tech seems to skate with a certain desperation, it may be because, well, they are.

Michigan Tech is located Houghton, Michigan and is primarily known as a leading research institution focused on engineering. Historically, engineering has been a male dominated area of study and only 26.1% of the University’s population is made up of female students on campus for a 3:1 male to female ratio. Add frigid winters and nary a Bloomingdales within driving distance and there is a real diversity problem at this Upper Peninsula campus.   Continue reading Michigan Tech skates without dates

Denver spoiled by individual riches

Take in a University of Denver athletic event and you are likely to see some of the finest collegiate athletes in the country.

Exaggeration, you say? Hardly.

Denver fans love to boast about having the best teams in the land – but only one program can “win it all” in any given sport in any given year. An equally tough accomplishment is coaching and playing at a consistently high level. Continue reading Denver spoiled by individual riches

Denver Dodges West Region Bracket of Death – Goes to Cincy

‘Experts’ had #1 seed Denver pegged for the West Region in Fargo to face North Dakota on, essentially, home ice. The selection committee took mercy on the Pioneers (this time) and sent them to Cincinnati. They still may face a dangerous Union team in the second round but this will at least be neutral ice for Denver.

The West Region will still be loaded with North Dakota, Duluth, Ohio State and Boston University. Continue reading Denver Dodges West Region Bracket of Death – Goes to Cincy

North Dakota hockey fans cultivate new Interests

Photo: North Dakota fans seek new winter hobbies

While North Dakota hockey (20-14-3) is still outstanding this season, they do not seem as invincible as in the recent past. As a result, some Fighting Hawks fans are seeking new activities to fill their time. While the Hawks are still the hottest thing in this hockey mad state, a dip in on-ice dominance has folks looking for other activities to occupy their time. Continue reading North Dakota hockey fans cultivate new Interests

LetsGoDU to offer expanded Frozen Faceoff coverage – Live from Minneapolis

Hockey NCHC 1

Our very own Nick Tremaroli has departed Denver for Minneapolis, Minnesota to cover the 2017 NCHC Frozen Faceoff.

The Pioneers will going for the second leg of the college ice hockey equivalent of the Triple Crown. Nick will be providing live coverage for LetsGoDU at media events, games, and one-on-one interviews. If you want to know what is really going on at the Frozen Faceoff  follow the action with Nick at or get live real-time updates on twitter – @LetsGoDU. And, of course, LetsGoDu Facebook

The Pioneers are looking to do this again:

Western Michigan v  North Dakota NCHC Frozen Faceoff Conference Championship

Photo: The Pioneers won the first NCHC Frozen Faceoff. They are attempting to repeat the inaugural feat.

Go Pioneers!

A masterclass in heartbreak: Denver at the 2017 NCAA Ski Championships

Photo courtesy of Utah celebrates their 2017 NCAA National Team Championship

Tim Healy is a special guest columnist to LetsGoDU. Tim studied Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management at DU and follows the ski team closely. As the 4-day championships are concluded, here are Tim’s final thoughts on this season’s NCAA ski championships. 

Well……what a finish to the 2017 NCAA Skiing Championships. I’m still in shock about what happened Saturday (but a big thank you to the Hockey and Lacrosse teams for helping me get out of my shock by winning their games in spectacular fashion), so please forgive me if this piece is a little “incoherent”.  I’ll do my very best to explain what happened this weekend. Continue reading A masterclass in heartbreak: Denver at the 2017 NCAA Ski Championships