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LetsGoDU is the largest independent online gathering place of DU alumni and sports fans, dedicated to celebrating our beloved Denver Pioneers. LetsGoDU is not affiliated with the University of Denver or the DU Athletic Department. All ideas, comments, and opinions herein reflect the views of the authors.

History of LetsGoDU:

LetsGoDU was the brainchild of DU hockey superfan, Damien Goddard, DU Class of 1988. Initially, Damien created the blog in 2008 as an independent voice to generate school spirit for DU, LetsGoDU quickly became the the place for all things DU hockey, school spirit, related humor and links to other DU sports coverage. Over next five years, LetsGoDU grew in its popularity and, along with Goddard, even gained some major local newspaper coverage.

Goddard ended his blog ownership in 2013 and passed the blog to current publisher Tim Thompson, DU Class of 1977, who restarted a redesigned blog in 2015. Thompson recast LetsGoDU into a golden era of Denver athletics. Thompson and managing editor Nick Tremaroli, DU Class of 2015, expanded the blog’s emphasis to more live sports game coverage of most university sports teams. Additionally, as elements of the University community have become increasingly hostile to some school traditions, we have also generated deeper coverage of school-spirit related issues, more general coverage of DU and its neighborhood, humor, and coverage of issues of interest to DU alumni and sports fans.

Our DNA has always been about sports, school spirit, and the celebration of school traditions, which form the common links in a long chain of generations of DU Pioneers. We know that school spirit and traditions provide identity, loyalty, passion, and shared experiences as Pioneers, and we represent those who care about these important elements in our school’s stakeholder community. Today, our voice has become increasingly important as loyal defenders of DU’s sports and identity traditions. We will always defend the Pioneer nickname.

Nobody at this blog is paid, no advertising is accepted, and everything you read here is provided and produced by volunteers who do it primarily for the love of their sports and their school.

LetsGoDU will always be totally biased towards DU, always believe that CC sucks, and we will always foster productive, protective, and fun discussions about the University of Denver.

Go Pios!

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2 thoughts on “About LetsGoDU”

  1. Hey there, I’m a CC alum and Grand Forks native. I love all your staff’s funny stories, especially the ones that poke fun at CC and UND’s expense! Thanks for the great reads! As a UND/CC fan, I appreciate all your creative stuff you come up with and take it in the spirit it’s intended.

    I wish I would’ve thought of this earlier in the week but two possible topics that could potentially make for some mockery at UNO’s expense and that your team of writers could have some fun with include, Coach Dean Blais’ upcoming proposal to standardize the size of the ice sheets in college hockey and a not so distant plea by UNO fans to the NCHC to not require the Mavericks to have to wear their black jerseys at home (NCHC required home teams to wear their dark sweaters at home games for the second half of the season). UNO fans claim their team plays better at home wearing their whites! A UNO fan even created a petition on change.org for this!

    Anyway, just a couple of UNO-related topics that I thought I’d share with you to potentially give the writing team at Letsgodu some potential fodder.


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