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Massive Denver Post cuts put coverage at risk

The Denver Post continues to downsize. According to the latest staff cut announcement, 30 newsroom jobs will be trimmed from the current 90 positions. Once staffed by as many as 220 newsroom personnel, the latest cuts are going to further diminish the paper’s ability to conduct investigative reporting, will limit sports coverage – especially at the prep and collegiate levels and provide us with less of an understanding of what is going on in Denver and the region. The ever growing metropolitan area of Denver with nearly three million people and a city budget of $1.4 billion dollars will have fewer checks and balances in place. And, in our view, that is not a good thing.

Digital First Media owns The Denver Post and has been taking chunks out of the staff and budget for quite some time. They in turn are owned by Alden Global Capital, a New York-based hedge fund specializing in distressed properties. Alden has announced plans since 2014 to sell the Denver Post and other media properties without success. Many locals have hoped for a local buyer such as Philip Anshutz to come to the rescue and save the faltering paper but no white knight has come to the rescue of the Post.   Continue reading Massive Denver Post cuts put coverage at risk

Possible Gonzaga Mountain West move opens door to West Coast membership

The Mountain West Conference is looking to shake things up again and Gonzaga is their prime target to upgrade its conference basketball fortunes. Usually, these things are handled in private, but both parties, Gonzaga and the Mountain West Commissioner, have expressed a public interest. And, the change could happen as soon as next season. The story was broken earlier this week by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Other reputable sources such as Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, and even The Denver Post have reported on the story over the last several days. Continue reading Possible Gonzaga Mountain West move opens door to West Coast membership

Leftovers & Loose Ends

There are lots of things happening with DU athletics. Here are some things you may have missed:

  • The DU Ski team is on a mission this winter. They are seeking redemption from last season’s heartbreaking final day when the championship slipped away. They won the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association (RMISA) Championship this past weekend – surprisingly, the first time in 11 seasons. LetsGoDU will be live in Steamboat in two weeks to follow the Pioneers when they go for their 24th national championship.

Continue reading Leftovers & Loose Ends

Puck Swami’s Rapid Reaction: DU’s Choice of Maine AD Karlton Creech is a “Safe Hire”

The hiring of University of Maine Athletic Director Karlton Creech as DU’s new Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation looks to be a ‘safe’ hire for the University of Denver, likely to build incrementally on the legacy of the retiring Peg Bradley-Doppes, who spent the last 13 years in the position. Creech begins at DU on May 1, 2018.

DU wanted to hire a “sitting” AD and did just that. Creech will inherit a DU athletic program that is flying high as the best non-football athletic department in the country, but still faces many challenges going forward. Continue reading Puck Swami’s Rapid Reaction: DU’s Choice of Maine AD Karlton Creech is a “Safe Hire”

BREAKING: Karlton Creech named DU Athletic Director

Photo:Courtesy of Bangor Daily News

Karlton Creech, Director of Athletics at the University of Maine, has been named as the University of Denver’s new Vice-Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation. Creech will replace Peg Bradley-Doppes, who had already announced her impending retirement in June of 2018, after building the University of Denver into the top non-football athletic department in the nation in the 13 years since her arrival at DU in 2005. Continue reading BREAKING: Karlton Creech named DU Athletic Director

Five Denver Pioneers to compete in 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea

terry Goal
Troy Terry (DU’19) is one of  only four NCAA players to make the US Olympic Ice Hockey Team (Photo: University of Denver)

Your University of Denver Pioneers will be very well-represented when the Olympic Winter Games begin in Pyongchang, South Korea later this February 9th-25th, with five Crimson and Gold athletes set to compete, representing four different countries and two different sports. Continue reading Five Denver Pioneers to compete in 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea

Disingenuous Policy Deserves a Rebuke

It’s only a mascot. Or is it about more?

The recently released Campus Safety mask rules, then revised to eliminate an exception provision which allowed for ‘approval’ from Campus Safety or Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence’, was specifically crafted to eliminate DU’s unofficial mascot Denver Boone.

Disingenuous at least, and devious at worst.

The banning of Denver Boone on the DU campus is not an issue that is liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, moral or immoral. This is about freedom of expression, which clearly is in short supply when a University no longer feels comfortable supporting its heritage because of the peculiar form of ‘inclusive excellence’ being practiced. As currently exercised, this new form of ‘inclusiveness’ shuts down voices and stunts dialogue between students, faculty, staff and alumni with a twisted application of history, feelings and faux outrage, all to erase the past. Continue reading Disingenuous Policy Deserves a Rebuke

Top 10 New Years Resolutions from LetsGoDU

  • Promise to try leftovers – especially if they are JJ Lane’s
  • Figure out who had the time to invent this emoji – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • After defeating Notre Dame in every sport possible in 2017, produce our own blockbuster “Rudy (Junda)” movie. Monty is cast in the style of salty football head coach Dan Devine. Underdog senior Rudy Junda lives under a blue spruce in Harper Humanities garden until discovered skating on the frozen water feature by assistant head coach David Carle.
  • Initiate a petition to cease all ‘tire roll’ competitions during DU intermissions
  • Promise to take out the trash every time Trevor Baptiste loses a faceoff this season.
  • Eat ice cream for each Nick Tremeroli Twitter rant and whenever Jay Stickney says ‘half-wall’ or “I’ll have another”.
  • Avoid being one of those “I told you so people” when Puck Swami is named DU Vice Chancellor of Athletics and Recreation.

Puck Swami 1

  • Cheer for a return trip to the Frozen Four in St. Paul Minnesota and instruct the DU ticket office to advise any distraught ticket buyers that, “Brandon Macneill no longer works here.”
  • Take on Johnson & Wales in a pastry bakeoff at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality instead of playing them in basketball at Hamilton Gym.
  • If CC can call a tie a win, then DU will buy the unicorns they ride to the national championship this season in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What a year it was for DU Athletics!

January 5th, 2017 – The new year opened with ‘American Hero’ Troy Terry winning the World Junior Hockey Championship with a slick 5-hole shot in OT. Terry’s heroics followed another 5-hole shootout gem against the Russians in semifinal action.

January 6th, 2017 – DU soccer star Kortne Ford signs with the Colorado Rapids of the MLS. Continue reading What a year it was for DU Athletics!