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DU Men’s Basketball Season Preview: High expectations for Denver Hoops

Photo: Courtesy of DU Basketball Twitter

It finally could happen – a postseason appearance by Denver in March Madness for the first time EVER or even a trip to the NIT. This Pioneer basketball team could, realistically, make history this season under third-year head coach Rodney Billups.

So, its fair to call us dumb  – until proven otherwise. Sure, DU has come close before but Denver hoops historically rolls out a middling team that disappoints the few times they have approached the summit (pun intended). But this year is different – and we’ll give you realistic reasons for hope. Continue reading DU Men’s Basketball Season Preview: High expectations for Denver Hoops

Denver Men’s Hoops strikes early in 2019 recruiting wars

Photo: North Star Hoops Report Center Robert Jones highlights the 2019 Denver hoops class.

We have to wait – but Billups and company have continued to receive verbal commitments from prospects before their senior year of high school basketball begins. The actual signing period for verbal commits falls later in the year – November. Continue reading Denver Men’s Hoops strikes early in 2019 recruiting wars

Puck Swami’s Guide to 2018-2019 DU Sports Fan Road Trips

Traveling to watch Pioneer Sports is one of the great joys of life.  Photo: Aviation Stackexchange

While not all of DU’s teams have announced their 2018-2019 schedules yet, we know just enough to start planning potential road trips to see our beloved Pioneers play in some of America’s most iconic destinations. If you’ve never travelled to see the Pioneers play, you are missing out on some amazing experiences.  There is a special “us against the world” feeling that comes from watching DU on the road as Pio fan, and when the team gets a road win, it can feel even more special than a home win, because the team just needs you more on the road. Here are some possibilities to help get you started, with DU men’s  hockey, basketball, soccer and lacrosse road trips, in alphabetical order by area:

Continue reading Puck Swami’s Guide to 2018-2019 DU Sports Fan Road Trips

Men’s Hoops Schedule (Finally) Released

The suspense around DU’s 2018-2019 schedule has been delayed pending agreements with two final opponents and working out final scheduling details. Well, the wait is over and, while the home schedule may not wow you, Rodney Billups and company are facing a tough road. And that is exactly what they need with a roster of 50% newcomers to jell for a run at the end of the season. Continue reading Men’s Hoops Schedule (Finally) Released

Puck Swami: DU and the Elusive Art of Sports Scheduling in Denver

desk calendar with days and dates in July 2016, flip the calendar page

Sports scheduling for the Denver Pioneers, in all sports, is often an elusive and frustrating exercise.

Being located in Denver is the largest problem, as playing here requires plane rides and hotel stays for all but a handful of DU’s D-I opponents, which is tough for non-revenue sports. We don’t have the exact figures, but it’s probably a safe bet that about 85% of DU’s opponents must fly here to play us, and likewise, DU needs to fly its own mostly non-revenue sports teams to 85% of its opponents — a dynamic that puts a lot of pressure on athletic budgets and eliminates many opponents for cost reasons.

Then there is the mile-high altitude here, a factor that still scares a number of opposing coaches from flatter places. For example, in 2004, the University of Virginia men’s lacrosse team, ranked #1 nationally at the time, came out here to play both DU and Air Force, and lost both games. The Cavaliers’ coach publicly blamed the altitude for their stumbles, and the Cavaliers have not appeared on the DU home schedule since then. Who knows how many other opposing coaches privately loathe our altitude? Continue reading Puck Swami: DU and the Elusive Art of Sports Scheduling in Denver

Stunning signings could mean DU hoop dreams

Photo: Courtesy of NBC Sports

Yesterday, media sources across the nation released the news – Ronnie Harrell is transferring from Creighton University to the University of Denver as a graduate transfer. A local Denver high school player, the 6’7″ Harrell was playing 25 minutes per game for the Bluejays and averaged 7 points and 6 rebounds in the rugged Big East. Continue reading Stunning signings could mean DU hoop dreams

Gonzaga shakes down West Coast Conference

Photo courtesy The Denver Post

In an 11th hour effort to keep their conference basketball titan, Gonzaga, the West Coast Conference capitulated to the demands of the Bulldog basketball program, ensuring the league will be dominated by the Zags in the future. The agreement keeps the Bulldogs from bolting to the Mountain West Conference – at least for the short term.

We wrote about Gonzaga’s interest in moving to the Mountain West Conference and how that might affect DU’s conference membership hopes and dreams here. Continue reading Gonzaga shakes down West Coast Conference

2017-2018 Denver Men’s Basketball Season Recap

With the NCAA Tournament officially starting tonight, it seemed like a great time for a season recap! Click above to listen, topics covered include:

-A general overview of the season – what we liked and didn’t like, highlights and lowlights, and a discussion of the team’s progress.

-A recap of who won’t be returning for Denver next season and how that might affect the team.

-A preview of next year’s recruiting class and discussion on their impact.

-A look ahead to next season – we talk about the expectations for the Pios and their Summit League competition.