DU Hoops Takes a Pass on Signing Day

The top reasons DU hoops did not sign a prospect to a National Letter of Intent yesterday:

  • Just because everyone else is doing it…
  • Couldn’t find a pen
  • Signee too tall for the doorway
  • Waiting for Kobe to return phone call
  • Lost his number
  • When ‘Family Advisor’ left an empty suitcase, DU filled it with coffee mugs, pennants, and a fleece vest
  • First one to call DU wins
  • Waiting for Zach Miller to double at the point
  • Coaches torn between two prospects. A 9+ hour tie breaker game of h-o-r-s-e raging in Hamilton gym
  • Who signs anything on the 13th?

LetsGoDU will update you when DU Basketball announces their new scholarship player.

One thought on “DU Hoops Takes a Pass on Signing Day”

  1. Funny!! We can sign anyone at any time from now until school begins. There are still players out there who can help us immediately. Rodney needs to be certain his first signee can do the class work at DU.

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