DU Hoops Takes a Pass on Signing Day

The top reasons DU hoops did not sign a prospect to a National Letter of Intent yesterday:

  • Just because everyone else is doing it…
  • Couldn’t find a pen
  • Signee too tall for the doorway
  • Waiting for Kobe to return phone call
  • Lost his number
  • When ‘Family Advisor’ left an empty suitcase, DU filled it with coffee mugs, pennants, and a fleece vest
  • First one to call DU wins
  • Waiting for Zach Miller to double at the point
  • Coaches torn between two prospects. A 9+ hour tie breaker game of h-o-r-s-e raging in Hamilton gym
  • Who signs anything on the 13th?

LetsGoDU will update you when DU Basketball announces their new scholarship player.