Play Fast and Dress For Success

 Photo: “But Peg -do we really wear these boring uniforms?”

Before Rodney Billups even had a chance to publicly accept his new job, Peg Bradley Doppes thrust a DU uniform in his direction with his old #5. While he politely smiled and accepted the  jersey, one of his first thoughts must have been …this is the first things I am going to change. After all, changing DU’s basketball uniforms are hardly as risky as the Yankees dropping their pinstripes or the Raiders moving away from silver and black.  

Unfortunately, DU plans on wearing their old uniforms again this upcoming season. As with all DU athletic teams they rotate in new uniforms on alternating years.

But isn’t this year different? DU is ushering in a new era!

The team’s twitter account recently featured their new summer footwear (below). This, hopefully, begins a uniform transformation for the Pioneers – but shouldn’t the “playfast Pioneers” be wearing new threads for 2016-17? At minimum, redesign the home whites.

Basketball Univforms 2

Let’s face it, the current uniforms are boring and old school – the only thing missing is canvas Chuck Taylor All-Stars and knee high striped tube socks. And, the pajama warm-up tops have to go, too (below). How can you ‘play fast’ when you look like you are headed to a sleep-over after you put a few shots in the peach basket?

Basketball Uniforms 6

DU’s current uniform supplier, Adidas, is a proven vendor that is not afraid to make big changes. So not all of their stuff works – see the shorts and DU warm-ups (below), but at least they are not afraid to try something new.

Basketball Uniforms 1

Basketball Idaho State

Adidas can also upgrade to a  clean, contemporary style too (below):

Basketball Uniform 7

Even Rodney’s old DU uniform (below) had much more style – all the way down to the black socks.

Basketball Uniform 3

DU should make an exception to the “every other year” policy under the new Rodney Billups era and change-out the home whites.

Let Adidas play fast.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Play Fast and Dress For Success”

  1. Sneakers are cool, but since no DU on them, They could just as easily be Arkansas Razorback sneaks. Tee-shirt look is needed for a few years anyway- our players do not have developed enough biceps to wear sleeveless jerseys. The contemporary style shorts look great to me. I can’t believe I’m actually thinking and commenting on this. Matching socks and sneaks looks sharp. Fried Friday brain at work.


      1. I am hearing a 13-game home game schedule is still being finalized but is close to being done, Since the schedule hadn’t been finished by Joe Scott before he was fired, DU had to scramble to fill it this year. The most notable home game this year is the University of Northern Colorado, which while not great, can hopefully be improved in future years. CSU won’t play us anymore. Besides UNC, schools like Jacksonville, Utah Valley and Cal-Riverside plus the Summit League are coming here this year. Hopefully, we’ll get some wins. Road schedule will be tougher, including some games against higher profile schools.

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      2. CSU won’t play us anymore? That is unfortunate. All the front range schools should play each other to build basketball. Seems stupid to jump on airplanes when we have natural local rivals.

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  2. CSU, as well as CU (for many years) believes they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing us. Same reason DU won’t play D-II Regis or Metro State, even though it would be good for building local basketball and bringing new locals into Magness for the DU mailing list.
    Remember some years ago, DU played D-II Colorado Christian in Hamilton Gym, and got drilled. Since then, DU won’t play D-II schools.


  3. According to a BB insider, it will be another several weeks before the schedule is released. As Puck said, the new staff has had to scramble to develop a schedule. They are still trying to secure at least one more game.


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