LetsGoDU to offer expanded Frozen Faceoff coverage – Live from Minneapolis

Hockey NCHC 1

Our very own Nick Tremaroli has departed Denver for Minneapolis, Minnesota to cover the 2017 NCHC Frozen Faceoff.

The Pioneers will going for the second leg of the college ice hockey equivalent of the Triple Crown. Nick will be providing live coverage for LetsGoDU at media events, games, and one-on-one interviews. If you want to know what is really going on at the Frozen Faceoff  follow the action with Nick at www.letsgodu.com or get live real-time updates on twitter – @LetsGoDU. And, of course, LetsGoDu Facebook

The Pioneers are looking to do this again:

Western Michigan v  North Dakota NCHC Frozen Faceoff Conference Championship

Photo: The Pioneers won the first NCHC Frozen Faceoff. They are attempting to repeat the inaugural feat.

Go Pioneers!

6 thoughts on “LetsGoDU to offer expanded Frozen Faceoff coverage – Live from Minneapolis”

  1. Have fun, Nick. Should be a good game tomorrow. Looking forward to the updates.

    On an unrelated note, it bugs the crap out of me that the NCHC calls this the Frozen Faceoff. How lame is that. And I don’t think it’s good for college hockey, as casual or new fans to the game will get this confused with the Frozen Four. Just call it the NCHC final four, and be done with it. Whatever “buzz” they think this tournament might generate by ripping off the name of college hockey’s premier event is outweighed by the lameness of it all.

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    1. I am also looking forward to seeing the MINNEAPOLIS dateline on Nick’s on site reporting from the conference tournament. It’s a great thing for all of our readers, and for the visibility of this special web site.

      I also agree that the “Frozen Face-Off” is a lame, somewhat confusing, blatant Frozen Four ripoff name that dilutes both the NCHC and the NCAA Frozen Four. However, the NCAA has trademarked the term “Final Four” for use by it’s basketball tournament (s) since the 1980s, and the NCAA was smart to protect that multi-billion cash-cow event brand (and the many sponsors who invest in it each year) and so the NCHC would not have been able to use it for their hockey event even if they wanted to…To show how valuable this is, the NCAA even trademarked the phrase “March Madness” in 2015,

      The right answer for the NCHC would have been to brand the trophy being presented and build the conference tournament brand on the back of the trophy name, for example, they could have called it “The NCHC George Gwozdecky Cup” .

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  2. Safe travels Nick. Looking forward to your reporting from Minny. Inside info man, we want it first.
    IF ND finishes fourth in the NCHC Tournament, that means no NCHC team can go to Fargo. (ND almost definite to be on 4th band) Harvard or Minnesota will most likely be sent to Fargo.
    Many, many scenarios right now. Many will clear up after Friday’s games.

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