Saturday Tire Roll highlights weekend sweep

The excitement in Magness Arena was palpable as DU faced off against a tough University of Minnesota Duluth squad this past weekend for critical NCHC points. But for many in attendance, the highlight of the evening was the tire roll between the second and third periods on Saturday night.

Filled with anticipation, few spectators left their seats – eyes cemented on center ice.

An undisclosed spectator was selected at random and fitted with a safety helmet for the big moment In hushed silence. The Magness crowd watched him line up the ‘roll’, measured the target, and considered all the factors – an icy surface, a worn tire, and a crowd focused on his every move.

Tire roll 2
An undisclosed fan lines up the roll.











All seemed hopeless as the tire tracked to the left but the uneven tread on the worn tire seemed to pull the tire back to the right. But did the tire have enough momentum to make it to the goal? Again, it started to drift right again as the rotation began to slow. Almost with a mind of its own, the tire drifted back to the left as it slowed and tucked itself neatly into the left corner of the goal.

A winner!

Tire Roll

tire roll 3
The winner makes a triumphant exit













We can’t remember what the contestant won but it makes no difference. This was truly a special moment for everyone at Magness Arena Saturday night and may have inspired Dylan Gambrell’s game-winner several minutes later in the third period.