‘Rush for the Gold’: Denver Lacrosse movie released on Amazon

If you are a fan of Denver Lacrosse, the meteoric rise of lacrosse in the west, head coach Bill Tierney, or if you just want to relive the success of DU’s quest to repeat as national champion in 2016, this documentary film, Rush for the Gold – Pioneering Lacrosse in the West, by 7&CO Productions and directed by Ali Aboudas is for you. The film is 46 minutes long and features interviews with Bill Tierney, Matt Brown, and Paul Carcaterra.

The documentary trailer is shown below:

The film was labor of love by Aboudas, a Houston native and lacrosse player who moved to the Denver area. Production and financing was started in 2016 and took extensive efforts to complete. Warrior stepped up with substantial funding to make the film a reality. Now, the film is available to the public on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “‘Rush for the Gold’: Denver Lacrosse movie released on Amazon”

  1. The quality of footage in this movie is on a par with NFL Films, HBO Hard Knocks or 30-for-30. The shots are gorgeous, and there are some wonderful behind-the-scenes moments that you won’t see anywhere else. I encourage all of you to support this film by streaming it on Amazon. It was a labor of love for Ali and his crew, and it shows.

    The original idea was to follow the 2016 team to what should have been a final four appearance. But Zach Miller’s surprise departure and an early DU playoff exit forced the filmmakers into a whole different storyline, and they did a terrific job to repurpose the footage they had into a wider, Lax-in-West context.

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  2. Also, Trevor Baptiste had a great day for Team USA at the face-off x, going 18-20 as USA downed the Iroquois Nationals, 17-9, in the opening game of the World Lacrosse Championships in Israel.

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