Founding the NCHC as told by Brad Schlossman

Photo courtesy of Maddie MacFarlane: DU is one of three NCHC programs to win a national championship since the NCHC started competition in 2013.

The Grand Forks Herald’s Brad Schlossman recently put together a great 3-part series on the founding of the NCHC. Some interesting insights were provided in the series including:

  • Peg Bradley Doppes meeting at a hotel near the Denver International Airport with North Dakota’s AD Brian Faison for the ‘Birth of the NCHC’.
  • Notre Dame’s involvement in the initial meetings and its verbal agreement to join the league.
  • The internal battle between ‘hockey invested’ schools and WCHA leadership which led to the exit.
  • How the league’s initial commissioner bailed four months into the job and how current commissioner Josh Fenton made the jump from Miami to NCHC.
  • Coaches’ concerns about the potential strength and dominance of NCHC  teams.

This is Part 3 of a three-part series on how the NCHC was formed and how it got to where it is today as college hockey’s dominant conference. PART 1 can be found here. PART 2 can be found here. PART 3 can be found here.

Photo: Courtesy of the Grand Forks Herald