LetsGoDU’s 2020 Wish List

  • Coach T finally lets ’em break 20 – multiple times
  • 80% free throws, 45% field goal shooting, fewer than 12 turnovers per game
  • A road sweep in Grand Forks
  • Choosing which Lax Final Four to attend – DU men’s or DU women’s
  • UMass-Amherst formally acknowledges the obvious – they are UMass-Amherst.
  • New DU lax faceoff specialist is so good at the “X” that he is “Trevoring”
  • ASU Sun Devils assigned to the Loveland Regional (please, please, please – make it so)
  • DU Nordic skiing improves so much at the NCAA Nationals that they have time to stop before the finish and make perfect snow angels
  • Denver wins back the Gold Pan and quietly exits the ice as a normal hockey team does

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