Day 3 – Amelia Smart Captures Slalom National Championship

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DU’s Amelia Smart torched her first slalom run to set up a dominant performance today to earn the slalom National Championship at Cooper Mountain, New Hampshire. This win made Smart a three-time NCAA individual National Champion in slalom (2) and giant slalom (1) along with being a five-time All-Americans (4 in slalom, 1 in giant slalom). What a way to end a career as one of Denver’s best-ever athletes!

Her teammate, sophomore Reece Bell, finished in 4th place and earned All-American status. Amelia’s sister, sophomore Eleri, finished 12th.

On the men’s side, a tough course setting saw a number of racers missing gates and hiking back up the hill to re-round in their first run. DU’s Simon Fournier was in the top 10 after his first run but Tobias Kogler and Tristan Lane finished their first pass in 18th and 19th positions so they were too far back to fight for a podium. Fournier smoked the second run, passing five competitors, to earn a third-place podium and All-American status in slalom.

Team Standings
1. Utah, 398.0
2. Colorado, 373.5
3. Denver, 346.0
4. Montana State, 314.5
5. Vermont, 299.0

Tomorrow concludes the NCAA Championships with Nordic Freestyle at Jackson Nordic Center. Let’s hope that the Pioneers finish strong.

Powder to the People and Go Pioneers!

Photo of Amelia Smart courtesy of Denver Athletics

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  1. Amelia smoked it. Similar to the Dunker’s college girl friend Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee back in the day.

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