Turncoat Mascot Sends a Chill Across the Upper Midwest

Ragnar 2

LetsGoDU covered the controversy this past fall when the Minnesota Vikings mascot, Ragnar, was dumped by the team. In a public news release, the Vikings graciously thanked Joe Juranitch who played Ragnar for his service but stated, “it was time to move on”. Behind the scenes, Mr. Juaranitch was campaigning for an astounding pay increase from $1,500 per game to $20,000 per game.

All was quiet until this past weekend. Then, in the ultimate display of betrayal to the mascot code, Ragner  in a video that aired Sunday morning on Fox swapped out his Viking helmet for a cheesehead in a nod to the Vikings key rival, the dreaded Packers. Randy Moss, a commentator for Fox quickly condemned this act of betrayal to Minnesota.


LetsGoDU looked at various Denver Boone images to see what betrayal would look like to the Pioneer nation:

Mascot Betrayal 4

Clearly, unacceptable!




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  1. Vikings are famous for looting and pillaging, not for loyalty and heartfelt feelings. Not surprised.

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