Proactive Response Needed to Address Microagressions

According to The College Fix, another university is taking on the issue of microaggressions. “At Pennsylvania State University” according to The Fix, “no hurt feeling is too small, no slight too inconsequential, no unintentionally biased statement too unimportant. Administrators want to know it all.” 

“There is no place for hate, overt or subtle, at Penn State – such actions do not represent our mutually held values,” Eric Barron, president of Penn State, stated in a recent message to the campus community. Not that they can do much about it, Lisa Powers, head of communications for Penn State, said reporting acts as a catharsis of sorts for students, acknowledging the public university has no right to hinder students’ First Amendment rights. “By providing an outlet for individuals to report, we are giving them an equal right to express their thoughts and feelings on the matter.”

LetsGoDU agrees and recommends DU pilot the elimination of the negative, microaggressive terminology used in basketball. We are proposing a pilot, using new language, be applied to the following basketball terms:

  • Personal Foul – Interpersonal space intrusion
  • Turnover – Misplaced ownership, possession challenged
  • Air BallCarbon-free altered attempted trajectory
  • Traveling – Unintended advancement
  • Goal Tending – Proactive cylinder redirection
  • Foul out – Involuntary bench reunion, safe space assignment
  • Technical Foul – Excessive expression of concern
  • Shot Clock Violation – Time-based ball reassignment
  • Lane violation – Accidental neutral space entry
  • Steal – Borrowed control
  • Tie-up – Simultaneous beneficial ownership

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