Miami University – OHIO

The Redhawks from Miami University

Whenever I think of this University, I think of my work associate, Richard, from Melbourne, Australia. My mate (that’s what they call their friends and members of their work group) wanted to go to an event to see John Force, an NHRA star drag racer, practice and compete using a motor oil that we manufactured for him.

On a Wednesday, he left his apartment in Manhattan and drove to Bristol, Connecticut for practices and the weekend NHRA races. I received a breathless call from Richard that afternoon advising me that there was no drag strip. I reminded the bloke (that is what he called ME) that the drag strip was in Bristol, TENNESSEE. A foreigner and not much for directions, instead of flying, Richard disappeared for several days as he drove to the correct Bristol. We always joked that he must have taken on a part time job at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut before the drive.

Anyway, he missed the track practices but made the Sunday NHRA finals and, after a lengthy return trip back to New York, was back in the office the following Wednesday.

Ironically, the very next year, he worked for ESPN as a gaffer (for free) covering The Masters and got to play Augusta Monday after the championship concluded. It made us wonder.

Several years later he returned back to Melbourne. Not sure if it was Australia or Florida but bets were he made it to the right one.

There are actually 11 Miami’s in the US. Obviously, we already know about the Miami University in Ohio and the real Miami in Florida. There are also towns called Miami in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia.

Then, to make this entire thing more complicated, Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio. Ole Miss is too –  only in Oxford, MISSISSIPPI. Miami University in Ohio, founded in 1809, is the 10th oldest University in the US but the real Oxford is in the UK was thought to have been founded as far back as 1096 – so the Ohioans probably figured it would be unoriginal to call themselves Oxford University, Ohio.

My father actually went to the Miami University, Ohio for a couple of years, sandwiched between an unscheduled detour to the Philippines and medical school. He was from Kansas City, MISSOURI. Still, we grew up three houses from Kansas and about two hours from Manhattan, Kansas. So, this Miami University, Ohio, Oxford thing seemed ok to him.

I am glad that Richard is not around to invite to the hockey games this weekend. He never would have made it.

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  1. I am going to guess that the home team picks their uniform colors, so that is why we are wearing our home uniforms. I could be wrong.

  2. I am going to guess that the home team picks their uniform colors, so that is why we are wearing our home uniforms. I could be wrong.

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