DU Board Intervenes to Salvage Hockey Weekend


The DU Board of Trustees met Friday afternoon in a special session amid growing concerns over University of North Dakota’s $5 million dollar budget shortfall. According to the meeting minutes, exclusively obtained by LetsGoDU, the board was troubled by the influx of cash strapped North Dakotans traveling to Denver for next weekend’s Pioneers – Fighting Sioux Hawks hockey series at Magness Arena.

DU has developed a detailed emergency plan to accommodate both the Fighting Hawks’ team as well as their fans. The seven point plan includes the following:

Fan Travel – DU will be ‘passing the hat’ between periods to make sure Fighting Hawk fans have  enough gas money to return home. Collection drums will be placed at Magness Arena’s north, south, and west entrances to collect clothing, canned goods and motor oil.


  • Fan Accommodations – UND fans displaying North Dakota driver’s licenses will be allowed to sleep in Hamilton Gym over the weekend and will get two free vouchers for dippin’ dots and pretzels. Complimentary baths will be allowed, and required encouraged, in the El Polmar Natatorium.

dippin dotsEl Polmar

  • Fan Meals – Hungry fans will be able to turn in unused game tickets at the DU ticket office in exchange for a coupon good for a milkshake and big breakfast at the Perkins Restaurant at Buchtel and Colorado Boulevard.
  • Cost Containment – In a highly unusual move, in order to save on laundry expenses for the visitors, the University is going to petition the NCHC to see if they will allow the Fighting Hawks to wear their sweaters inside-out on Saturday night.
  • Security – A directive has been sent by the board to Angelo Ricci, director of the Colorado Thunderbirds. They are hosting a bantam U13 hockey tournament at Magness Saturday morning and have been instructed to keep their equipment (pucks, sticks, uniforms, skates and cups) under lock and key.
  • Team Housing – Jim Montgomery is going to host the Fighting Hawk’s 1st line in his basement. UND’s second line will be lodged at the downtown bus station at 17th & Market. The 3rd line gets the recently vacated SAE house – after it has been swept and cleared of any alcohol. The 4th line will be housed in Black Bart’s Cave at Casa Bonita.

Black Bart

  • Team Travel – The Board released money from the general operating fund to pick up the Uber tab for the Fighting Hawks’ return to Grand Forks, should they be unable to afford adequate transportation.

As LetsGoDU gets more details, we will be sure to pass them along.

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