North Dakota Fans Begin to Arrive

Photo: North Dakota fans began entering Aurora, Colorado on their annual trek to Magness Arena this morning

North Dakota Fighting Hawks fans began arriving in Denver Friday morning with a large number on foot, entering Denver from the east side of Aurora, Colorado.


Others came on wheels.

Darnell Pitt, from Devil’s Lake, North Dakota said he makes the trip annually to Denver. Mr. Pitt combines business and pleasure on his trips and usually stays for an extra couple of days.

Car - business trip

Photo: Darnell Pitts combines DU-UMD hockey and his poultry business

Others bring the kids and make it a family vacation. Molly & Danny Grubbs and their four children from Rugby, North Dakota make a week of it. Molly, when asked what she  was looking most forward to, she said, “box springs, color TV, and hockey – in that order”.

Car mountains

Photo: The Grubbs family making a week of it in Denver.

One of Denver’s most unique visitors is Marlon Purty  from Mott, North Dakota. He combines his three passions – horses, travel and ‘re-purposing’ into a 22 day round-trip journey. Mr. Purty, when asked what he liked best about Denver said, “There are real treasures in those Denver alleys. I named my daughter ‘Josephine’ because we furnished her entire room with stuff we found in alleys along that street!”

Car  Cart

Photo: Marlon and his team comb alleys for re-purposed ‘treasure’.

Assuming no mechanical difficulties on their bus, the Fighting Hawk bus will arrive Friday, mid-morning in Denver. They are planning on going directly to Magness Arena for a skate around.

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