Profile: CC Tigers (6-21-1) Use Color to Paint a Better Picture

Photo: Partially completed coloring book art by Colorado College Goalie Jacob Nehama 

According to The Gazette in Colorado Springs, CC players have turned to coloring books before and after practice. Head Coach Mike Haviland not only supports the players in this endeavor but actually joins in team coloring sessions.

The head coach, gruff on the outside and a burgeoning artist inside, sees the ‘coloring arts’ as a creative endeavor that can be transferred to the ice. Said Haviland of the upcoming Battle on Blake – a 90 minute road trip to Coors Field, “I should be able to knock off 6 pages on the bus!”

coloring book 2

PhotoThis coloring book, accidentally left at Broadmoor World Arena, ignited the Tigers interest in the coloring arts.

Tyler Marble, CC’s back-up goalie, with a whopping 3.74 GAA, third worst in DI hockey, says he skips practices sometimes to color. “I got 3 credit hours for my last book!” Marble went on to admit that his best prospects are in the arts, not as a professional hockey player.

Hunter Fejes, the leading scorer for CC with just 22 points, “With a season of losing, just completing a page in my coloring book can make my day. Critics underestimate how difficult it can be to stay within the lines, too”.

Haviland added, “We are breaking down barriers and re-defining what ‘good’ looks like.”

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