Coaches Wear the Stress of Guiding Colorado College

Photo: Former CC head coach Scott Owens (above), prior to his departure two season’s ago, shows the wear and tear of guiding the CC Tigers

When a relieved Scott Owens departed the Colorado College hockey program, the stress of running it for 15 years fell to Mike Haviland, a highly regarded veteran coach with experience at the NCAA, ECHL, AHL and NHL levels. 

LetsGoDU purchased forensic age progression software and took a look at Coach Haviland to determine what he would look like if he stayed at the helm of the Tigers for 15 years, like his predecessor Coach Owens.

Data input included factors such as personal history, lifestyle, living conditions in the Springs and, obviously, the stress of leading the program.

Photo: Mike Haviland today and Mike Haviland in 2029 using aging software.

Despite the challenges, Haviland finds solace in a quote from Thucydides, “Someone who fails can always console himself with the thought that there was something not quite fair about it.”

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