Ski Team in Striking Distance – Friday Slalom Critical to Championship Hopes


The DU ski team dropped a slot to Utah while Colorado closed the gap and Montana State maintained their first place in the overall standings. One of DU’s strengths, slalom, will be on display Friday night when they can assume the overall lead with strong performances by the men and women at Howelson Hill, Steamboat Springs.

Video recap of the day HERE

As a reminder, DU is offering a watch party for the Friday Night slalom events: Ghost Ranch, 56 7th Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487. $25 per person includes Marnos Custom Catering, beverages and video streaming coverage of the NCAA Championships. Cash bar available. The party starts at 4:00 with the women’s slalom at 6:15 and the men’s slalom at 7:30.

FREE parking available within walking distance to NCAA night slalom spectator area at Howelsen Hill. REGISTER HERE

Team standings after day #2 of 4

—————GS            Freestyle    Slalom    Classical
—————MAR9      MAR10     MAR11    MAR12
Rk. Team                  M  W       M  W          M  W       M  W      TOTAL
1 Montana State     79 69      45 89           – –           – –          282
2 Utah                       57 66       60 81           – –           – –          264
3 Denver                   71 67       71 54           – –            – –         263
4 Colorado               29.5 59    67 59          – –            – –         214.5
5 Vermont                34 42       49 29          – –            – –         54

Bring on #31 Pioneers!

One thought on “Ski Team in Striking Distance – Friday Slalom Critical to Championship Hopes”

  1. 19 points is very attainable. We just need the alpine team to continue their strong performances. I will say that Utah is our biggest threat at this point with the surprise showing of Montana State.


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