LetsGoDU on Twitter – Live in Minneapolis

Be sure to follow Nick Tremaroli on Twitter during the NCHC Tournament this weekend. Nick is providing live game coverage, opinion, and taking on fans from St. Cloud, Minnesota-Duluth and North Dakota along with the Target Center crowd. It could be 70,000 to 1 this weekend. Anyone who knows Nick likes these odds!

The game tonight starts at 6:30 MT – DU vs. St. Cloud State University. Nick’s tweets are “must reads”. Many Pioneer fans watch the games or listen to Jay Stickney and follow along on Twitter.

Link below:

LetsGoDU Twitter

(And become a LetsGoDU Twitter follower)

Go Pioneers!



2 thoughts on “LetsGoDU on Twitter – Live in Minneapolis”

  1. It’s OK. These 2 games are dare I say, “disposable”. DId anyone expect DU to go undefeated forever? I sure didn’t. It’s a new season. This is a good thing. Denver played very well against St Cloud. It’s too bad DU has to play North Dakota on a short turn around. UND does not scare me whatsoever. DU has handled them all year. Bring it. All Saturday’s consolation game is to DU is a rehearsal. A working practice, really, We could very well run into SCSU or UND again in the NCAA’s. I would much rather play Dakota than St Cloud.

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