NCAA Tournament Set: Denver vs Boston U in Round One

The NCAA Tournament bracket was announced this morning and to no one’s surprise, Denver will be traveling back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul region next weekend for first and potentially second round action.

Denver will take on the Boston University Terriers in the first round at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a rematch of the Halloween game in which the Pioneers lost to the Terriers in overtime at Agganis Arena in Boston.

If Denver gets by BU, the Pioneers would take on the winner of St. Cloud State vs Ferris State in the regional final with a Frozen Four berth on the line. In all likelihood, St. Cloud will get past Ferris State and Denver would play the Huskies for the second time in as many weeks.

“Two of our team planes will be in the air when the selection show airs,” Montgomery explained. “So when we land, we’ll see who we’re playing and start downloading some games.”

The full bracket is below:



5 thoughts on “NCAA Tournament Set: Denver vs Boston U in Round One”

  1. My three keys to DU advancing:

    1) BEST WORK ETHIC:: Key for Denver will be setting the tone early in NCAA games and sustaining it all game long..The Pioneers must realize that the team’s recent penchant for slow starts will not get it done in win-or-go-home tourney play. Leave it all on the ice, block shots, finish checks, grind them down low, backcheck, get puck retrievals and do those little details that win championships – Play 200 foot Pioneer hockey every second you are out there.

    2) MENTAL SHARPNESS: The margin for error is reduced at tourney time as top teams play faster. That means for goalies – eliminate soft goals that deflate the team. For defensemen, it means gap control and eliminating odd man rushes. For forwards, it means no dumb penalties. Play smart hockey and be aware at all times,

    3) SPECIAL TEAMS EXCELLENCE: Play the other team even on 5 on 5, and win on special teams. Power play and Penalty kill need to be humming as chances are fewer and stakes are higher.

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  2. Thanks Swami. Your three points are spot on. DU’s defense has been playing so much better in the second half and their gap control will be key. I think your points about forwards not taking dumb penalties and the need for special teams to produce will be especially important should we advance to Sunday’s game. SC’s PP is just amazing so taking any penalties could once again be very costly. My biggest beef with the Pios all season has been the PP. The last five games the issue of not being able to gain the offensive zone on the PP has been super frustrating. Clearly teams have us pegged on this. I doubt it can be repaired at this point and could be the back breaker. The one other concern I saw last Friday versus SC was the team not being as precious with their puck management. Not sure what it is about SC’s D (which I know is incredible) but they have really had our number. The games where we have been unstoppable have been when our passes have been crisp and there has been little or no swatting at the puck (which goes back to your points one and two).

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