Study Shows Stark Cultural Differences

Photo: Lawn decorations in the Dakotas often include bathroom fixtures

A landmark sociological study shows that there are distinct differences between people from North Dakota and the citizens of Denver. The study is quick to point out that we should appreciate our differences as no one group should be ‘judged’  as better than the other. Here are ten ways that Dakotans are different than us:

  • They own one mobile home and five cars that aren’t.
  • They burn, rather than mow, their grass.
  • They have to move their transmission to take a bath.



Photo: Ford Bronco transmission in a Bismark, North Dakota bathtub

  • Their mothers  want ‘ammo’ for Christmas.
  • They have custody fights – over their hunting dogs.
  • They bring fishing poles to Sea World.
  • They use rags as gas caps.
  • They have to go outside to get something out of the fridge.
  • They lost at least one tooth opening a bottle of beer.

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