10 Frozen Four Observations From Tampa

  1. Best tweet:

  2. Worst Idea: Only allowing 25 minutes for 20,000 people to re-enter Amalie Arena for the second semifinal game on Thursday – a very bad idea.
  3. Something that should happen again: The Frozen Four in Tampa. Great venue and fantastic hosts.
  4. Biggest Off-Ice Mistake: DU failing to bring the pep band to the semi-final game. (Suggestion: If necessary, charge for the pre-game reception and let that revenue help pay to get the band to the event. Let’s fix this for Philadelphia Lax when if DU makes the Final Four.)
  5. Great Idea: The North Dakota and Quinnipiac cheerleaders added energy and excitement to the games. DU should look at sending the cheerleading/dance squads throughout Magness instead of just above the student section to build spirit and energy.
  6. Worst Decision: Some argue that DU’s timeout following a faceoff in the DU end should not have been taken. That being said, could you imagine the second guessing if DU sat on a timeout and ND still scored the winning goal?
  7. Championship Final: Take away about 7 minutes in the second period and DU played about as well as they can play. The best team won Thursday night – but the best two tournament participants met for the championship Thursday night.
  8. Amateur Hour: There must not be any beer in North Dakota.
  9. Tie – Biggest Turnaround: The team’s record the second half of the season and Monty earning Pioneer fans’ hearts. Coach Montgomery made all the right moves this year – on and off the ice. We like the way he coaches and his teams love him. It’s official – we are in the Coach Jim Montgomery era!
  10. Dress for Success: Let’s give the hockey team a first-class locker room makeover. Monty has made a locker room upgrade a priority this off-season. If Denver is to remain one of the nation’s premier hockey programs, we need to give the players competitive facilities. Even if  you can only afford $10, $25, $50, or $100 or more – let’s send a message to the administration and team.  Make it rain – fill up Ryan Peck’s mailbox: $$$$, 2201 East Asbury, Denver, Colorado 80208.