LetsGoDU Misses on Hoops Pick

O.K…so we missed this one!

LetsGoDU’s local choice for the DU’s open hoops scholarship was Ladarius Thomas from Aurora Central. Yesterday, he signed with the Division II Black Hills State University Yellow Jackets. They play in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) and are based in Spearfish, South Dakota.

The waiting game continues to see who Rodney Billups signs to a letter of intent with DU’s last remaining scholarship.


4 thoughts on “LetsGoDU Misses on Hoops Pick”

  1. Ok- looked at video from the Cal game on Denver women’s Lacrosse Facebook page. Can’t imagine that stuff happening on Coach T’s sideline. I don’t know if it’s subs or injured players doing it, but it strikes me as fairly bizarre behavior. Is this a regular thing they do?

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    1. Fair question…I have never seen it before. It didn’t feel right. Not sure I would like that done to me if I was getting trounced … but there may be a back story.


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