8 thoughts on “Correction: Anthony Roberson Not a Pioneer”

    1. Puck Swami, just as LetsGoDU should confirm what it “reports.” A simple phone call or email to the DU basketball office should have been done.


  1. Rumors stories are fine for recruiting sites like that, but report it as a rumor that Player X may be committing to X school. But they should report it as an actual commitment as fact unless there is some evidence that commitment happened – usually a twitter confirmation or a phone call to the family, etc.


      1. We have good contacts with the program. We will confirm with them before publishing in the future now that we know VC is not reliable.

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      2. Correct Puck. Ty Xanders who gives us Lax early commits often gets wrong info. AAU and Club coaches jump the gun so they can Trump up their own programs and their bank accounts. It’s actually a tool they use to get kids to join their teams.


  2. In retrospect, Anthony Robertson’s transfer smelled fishy from the get-go. So Anthony was to sit out the 16-17 season. Remember, we supposedly have no scholarships available for 16-17. Thus Anthony was going to pay full freight? This is a highly unlikely scenario unless you are a hoops factory with some crooked alum footing the bill.


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