DU releases Men’s Hoops non-conference schedule, will play Texas A&M

Yesterday, the University of Denver Men’s Basketball team released its non-conference schedule for the 2016-17 season. With this being head coach Rodney Billups’ first season on the sideline for the Pioneers, there was much anticipation for what kind of opponents he would land.

While there were a few rumors flying around that Wichita State and/or Memphis might make a featured appearance on the Pios’ schedule, those rumors proved to be unfounded. However, in their absence, Billups and his staff were still able to put together a rather formidable non-conference schedule.

Here are all of DU’s non-Summit League opponents this year:

Courtesy DU Men's Hoops Twitter account
Courtesy DU Men’s Hoops Twitter account

Aside from the normal Air Force, Wyoming, and Northern Colorado, there are a few other key opponents on this part of the schedule that should give DU fans a very good sense of what the 2016-17 squad is going to look like.

The one matchup that immediately jumps out is the December 7 matchup against defending SEC regular season champion Texas A&M in College Station. In 2015-16, after losing to Kentucky in overtime in the SEC Tournament Finals, the Aggies made a run to the Sweet 16 where they lost to Buddy Hield and Oklahoma, 77-63.

At least at the moment, it would appear that DU has “no shot” at pulling off the upset against A&M, but hey, you never know. Weirder things have happened in the sport.

After the Texas A&M game, the next “best” opponent on the schedule is Wyoming. UW has been a fairly formidable member of the surprisingly good Mountain West Conference for a few years now. Traveling to Laramie is never an easy task, so the Pios will have their hands full against the Cowboys, but it should be a winnable game.

There are a number of absolutely winnable games on the Pioneers’ non-conference schedule, but the first couple months of the season will present a significant challenge to a team with a first-year head coach.

As the season draws nearer, be sure to check back with LetsGoDU as we will preview the season and put together a prediction for Rodney Billups’ first year.

4 thoughts on “DU releases Men’s Hoops non-conference schedule, will play Texas A&M”

  1. 5 game road swing against established programs will be a killer. 1-2 wins at most there. (AFA, Weber) 5 home games, we should figure out a way to go 3-2 or better. 3 other road or neutral games; we win 1 or 2. We probably go from 5-8 to 7-6 in OOC games. Once again I’d like to thank Joe Scott for leaving us with slow down type players that no new coach could win with. Hope I’m wrong. No matter what, I’m always behind Rodney and our players.


  2. The 3 pivotal OOC games will be at Air Force, at South Alabama and a neutral court matchup with Sac State. Those games will be the swing between 5-8 and 8-5.

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