Nebraska Big Man Strom fits Pioneer Needs

All you have to do is look at the stats from last season – Denver struggled when it came to rebounding margin. Denver needs a difference maker on the front line. The Pioneers have two junior big men, Daniel Amigo (6’10”) and Christian Mackey (6’6″) and their final year is 2017. Add to that, South Dakota State, the Summit gold standard, have skilled sophomore big man 6’9″ Mike Daum, who is a difference maker. If DU is going to go dancing, they must get bigger, especially league tournament time when the game turns into a half-court battle.

The answer rests on the broad shoulders of 6’7″, 240 pound Logan Strom from Norfolk, Nebraska. He is a super athlete with huge upside.

How athletic? He averaged 16 points and eight rebounds last winter in basketball. He caught 36 passes for 338 yards and four touchdowns at tight end in the fall – his first year in the sport. That’s when the basketball scholarship deluge began to include football. Now, he has a mountain of D-I offers in both. His decision appears to be basketball. He has basketball offers from Boston University, UMKC, SDSU, Indiana State, Lehigh, Kent State, Miami, Vermont, Southern Illinois, UC Davis, Wright State, San Diego, IUPUI, North Dakota, and SD. And of course, Denver!

Take a look at this feature on Strom highlighting his skills on the court and the gridiron (below):


It  would be too simple to say Logan only fills a size need for the Pioneers. By all accounts he can play outside-in and inside-out. He can knock down the three point shot and dish out assists. Imagine Strom playing up-tempo Denver basketball – with a full set of basketball tools that include size, athleticism, and a deft shooting touch. Finally, published articles cite his  good grades and his ‘teammates first’ attitude – all requirements under Denver’s coaching staff.

So why is Denver a great fit for Strom? In Midwest terms, Denver is relatively close to Norfolk, NE. Denver employs a running a system that will compliment Strom’s skill set and leverage his athleticism. He would, likely, get immediate playing time and develop quickly under Rodney Billups and his staff. Add all this to Denver’s strong academic reputation, great facilities, sunshine, and small class size and the transition to Denver makes a logical option for this big man from Nebraska.

Logan Strom is a no-brainer and makes our 2017 recruit short list.