Pio Posse looks to Lasso Alums & Friends

We are pleased to announce the new Pio Posse Club for men’s basketball. This new fan-generated club was created for alumni and other friends of the program who want to sit behind DU’s bench and cheer on the Denver Pioneers. Our goal is simple: create a measurable home court advantage for DU hoops.

The Pio Posse section is located in lower section #20 immediately behind the DU bench – in some of the very best seats in Magness Arena.


This introductory offer is limited to the first 100 seats for first-time season ticket holders and will only be available for 30 days, ending September 25th, 2016. The cost is $99.00 (30% discount!) for the 13 regular season games plus a $10.00 S&H fee per order. Follow these five steps to hoops heaven:

1.       Go to the promotions page Here

2.       Type in DUBBALL99 (all caps) as the promo code. 

3.       Select your seat(s) and print a receipt

4.       Follow directions to complete the purchase

5.       Tickets will be mailed to you in October

Pioneer assistant coaches have agreed to convene the Posse and conduct pregame coaching briefs in the Vince Borylla Room before select home games. When the Pioneers are on the road, we will coordinate local watch parties  at The Pioneer Restaurant for key games. Finally, we plan to include offers for the ‘Pio Posse’ merchandise on letsgodu.com. As we finalize details, we will announce them on letsgodu.com.

In the meantime, order your tickets now while we still have this allotment of great seats. Let’s welcome the new look Pioneers with a home court advantage in great seats as Rodney Billups leads his first hoops campaign.

*Reminder: Special pricing limited to first 100 buyers & first-time season ticket holders for first year only. Offer expires September 25th!

10 thoughts on “Pio Posse looks to Lasso Alums & Friends”

  1. Yes, we should encourage DU fans to fill the seats behind our bench. We’ve had our seats in Section 20 for the last several years. Looking forward to watch parties and pre-game talks from the coaches. We hope to travel to College Station for the game in December. Any chance there will be a DU pre-game party?

    1. The third arm is actually the horses head for astute cowboy followers. As for guns, the posse believes in the second amendment but has been instructed to lasso first – and shoot second.

      1. Really terrible and threatening response 5BWest. I’d hate for my alma mater to have a violent reputation such as you suggest. You just used the logo to make a statement about the 2nd Amendment? Seriously? Really doubt DU would approve.

      2. Laurie – I am a proud DU alum, too. Letsgodu is independent and unaffiliated with DU. We have a simple mission – promote DU sports – often in a humorous way. I can appreciate your point of view but do not see the connection between a cartoon logo and actual gun violence. We/I do not condone violence and never will. The 2nd amendment comment was intended as a sense of humor, not as an attack on you or your point of view. I am sorry you or anyone else took it that way – sincere apologies.

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