Oh No-Not Another Hawk Hockey Team!

Deadspin got it right with an article entitled Las Vegas NHL Team Is Going To Choose Some Bland-As-Hell Name. The name of course is H-A-W-K-S.

Highly unoriginal – and boring, too.

The team owner Bill Foley wanted “Black Knights” for this team, as a tribute to his alma mater at West Point (he named his company Black Knight Financial Services), but that’s apparently out thanks to “pushback” from the military academy and others.

After pondering some other Knight names such as Las Vegas Desert Knights, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Silver Knights and Las Vegas Sand Knights the bets are that he will go with, ugh, Knighthawks. It does give an offhanded homage to the local military (Knighthawk Helicopter) and late night Las Vegas when things are said to ‘stay in Vegas’.

The NHL Comish Gary Bettman will not allow any gambling references in the name – funny coming from a guy named Bett-man.

Deadspin readers, of course, came up with a host of Vegas-related names such as Sug Knights, Hookers (hooking, hockey – get it), and Fellas. All unlikely ‘bets’ to make the final cut.