Pom Pom Posse?

Logo: What the Pio Posse logo might look like without guns.

Motto: “Stop…or we’ll shake!”


Pom Poms instead of guns?


At least one person has called for a redesign  of the Pio Posse logo and the elimination of guns. The exchange went like this:


Lassos fine, guns not so much. Plus one of the posse has a third arm. Re-do the logo.


The third arm is actually the horses head for astute cowboy followers. As for guns, the posse believes in the second amendment and has been instructed to lasso first – and shoot second.


Really terrible and threatening response 5BWest. I’d hate for my alma mater to have a violent reputation such as you suggest. You just used the logo to make a statement about the 2nd Amendment? Seriously? Really doubt DU would approve.


I am a proud DU alum, too. Letsgodu is independent and unaffiliated with DU. We have a simple mission – promote DU sports – often in a humorous way. I can appreciate your point of view but do not see the connection between a cartoon logo and actual gun violence. We/I do not condone violence and never will. The 2nd amendment comment was intended as a sense of humor, not as an attack on you or your point of view. I am sorry you or anyone else took it that way – sincere apologies.

But the scrum spilled onto Twitter where the reader implored the University to put the Posse in the stable until they surrendered their guns.


The logo pays homage to DU’s western heritage, the ‘good guys’ of the old west and, of course, the good guys on the court. Pom poms are welcome, too.

(And of course, anyone wishing to join the Posse can get tickets here)