The Campus Lounge…Set to Reopen???



Photo: The doors closed at the Campus Lounge for a final time tonight…or maybe not

When this writer went for a final beer at the Campus Lounge I asked the doorman when they were closing. Clearly uncomfortable with the thought of the end, he said, “When it’s over.” 

Fox 31 Denver gave the definitive report on the closing of the Campus Lounge – ‘one of Denver’s most iconic bars‘. Follow this Fox 31 Link for a full write-up of Sunday’s closing and videos.

While details around the new owners are confidential, the proprietors plan to close and remodel. In a surprising twist, owner Jim Wiste says it will still be called The Campus Lounge at the end of this Video Clip.

Of course, our best to DU alum Jim Wiste and his family for a great 40 years.