Denver announces expanded partnership with Altitude TV to include hockey and basketball

In some excellent news, the University of Denver department of athletics announced via Twitter that it will expand its partnership with Altitude TV, effective almost immediately. Coming off a year when most DU athletic events weren’t televised thanks to ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain’s inability to implement flexible scheduling, DU likely wanted a way to maximize its television reach.

The newly expanded partnership means that in addition to the volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse games already scheduled to be televised by Altitude, DU’s hockey and basketball programs will be featured on the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment-owned network.

Because both the Nuggets and Avalanche are featured on Altitude’s two networks (ALT & ALT2) on a nearly daily basis, it’s impossible to televise every game on DU’s schedule. However, Altitude was still able to pick up the role that ROOT has frequently neglected over the past few years.

The partnership means that 16 DU hockey games will now be televised between Altitude, CBS Sports, and ASN this year. It also means that 10 men’s basketball games and one women’s basketball game will now be on tv.

If you aren’t sure whether you get Altitude or Altitude 2, first, chances are that you do if you have cable. Second, click here to find what channel each network is on for you.

Here is a list of all the televised games on DU’s hockey schedule and the basketball games that will be televised by Altitude (all times MT):


(ALT – Altitude, ALT2 – Altitude 2, CBSSN – CBS Sports, ASN – American Sports Network)

Friday, October 7 vs. Ohio State (7:30pm) – ALT
Saturday, October 8 vs. Boston College/Air Force (7:00pm) – ALT2
Friday, October 14 vs. Boston University (7:30pm) – ALT
Saturday, October 15 vs. Boston University (7:00pm) – ALT2
Friday, October 28 vs. Western Michigan (7:30pm) – ALT2
Saturday, November 26 vs. Wisconsin (7:00pm) – ALT2
Friday, December 9 vs. Minnesota-Duluth (7:00pm) – ASN
Friday, January 6 vs. Arizona State (7:30pm) – ALT2
Friday, January 13 at Western Michigan (5:00pm) – ASN
Friday, January 27 vs. Nebraska-Omaha (7:30pm) – CBSSN
Saturday, January 28 vs. Nebraska-Omaha (7:00pm) – ALT2
Friday, February 10 vs. Colorado College (7:30pm) – ALT2
Saturday, February 18 at Miami (6:00pm) – ASN
Friday, February 24 vs. St. Cloud State (8:00pm) – CBSSN
Saturday, February 25 vs. St. Cloud State (7:00pm) – ALT2
Friday, March 3 at Nebraska-Omaha (6:30pm) – CBSSN

Men’s Basketball

(ALT – Altitude, ALT2 – Altitude 2)

Saturday, November 12 vs. Jacksonville University (7:00pm) – ALT2
Saturday, December 17 vs. Northern Colorado (1:00pm) – ALT
Wednesday, December 22 vs. UC-Riverside (7:00pm) – ALT2
Wednesday, December 28 vs. Oral Roberts (7:00pm) – ALT2
Wednesday, January 4 vs. South Dakota (7:00pm) – ALT2
Wednesday, January 11 vs. Western Illinois (7:00pm) – ALT
Saturday, January 14 vs. North Dakota State (4:00pm) on ALT2
Wednesday, January 25 vs. South Dakota State (7:00pm) – ALT2
Sunday, February 19 vs. IUPUI (1:30pm) – ALT
Wednesday, February 22 vs. Nebraska-Omaha (7:00pm) – ALT

Women’s Basketball

Wednesday, January 18 vs. South Dakota State (7:00pm) – ALT

2 thoughts on “Denver announces expanded partnership with Altitude TV to include hockey and basketball”

  1. This is mixed bag, folks.

    Attitude and Root Sports are very similar regional sports networks with similar territory maps, satellite availability, technology and on-talent on the surface of it. I don’t think Root Sports ‘neglected’ DU, as much DU was heavily subsiding all of the telecasts they could pay for, as DU sports games do not draw enough TV eyeballs to pay for themselves through advertising revenue.

    The big plus of this new Altitude deal for DU fans is the fact that Altitude has a second channel (Altitude 2) in the event of conflicting programs/contracts, where Root Sports did not have the second channel. And If you look at the new Altitude schedule across all sports, the vast majority of DU games will be seen on Altitude2 this year, which may have less visibility than the former Root Sports.

    In Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and some areas of Idaho, Altitude 2 is available as a full-time service through DirecTV (channel 681-1) and many cable television service providers, but some cable providers chose to not carry any Altitude 2 programming at their discretion.

    For example, Comcast Cable does not carry Altitude 2 as a full-time service, but provides select Altitude 2 games to their customers on CET (Comcast Entertainment Television). Check your on-screen guide for availability CET SD is available on channel 105 in Colorado and channel 6 in Utah. CET HD is channel 900 in Colorado.

    Dish Network does not carry Altitude 2 as a full-time service, but when bandwidth is available, provides live Altitude 2 games to their customers on a Sports Alternate channel. These channels change on a game-by-game basis, so please check your on-screen channel guide or on gamedays, check the homepage slide for a list of channel numbers for the game. Some Altitude 2 games are not available through Dish Network due to bandwidth constraints.

    In Montana, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Idaho, Altitude 2 programming is not available in these areas as a full-time service or on another channel.

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