Catching Up With DU Men’s Soccer Head Coach Jamie Franks

photo courtesy of Denver Athletics

With a 1-0 win over Eastern IllinoisDenver men’s soccer extended its regular season unbeaten streak to 28 games. Boasting a 9-0-2 record thus far in 2016, the Pioneers are maintaining their top ten status in the national rankings, currently ranked at #8. As such, the program is looking to advance further this year in hopes of winning its first national title. After going undefeated in the regular season last year and snapping its 29-match home unbeaten streak during the second round of the NCAA tournament, the team has returned with a vengeance and is determined to achieve their preseason goals.

Head Coach Jamie Franks, describes the impact losing in such a heartbreaker  against Southern Methodist University last season imposed on the team and the valuable lessons the players collected.

“As far keeping them hungry and humble, the NCAA Tournament did that to us last year. To go 18 games unbeaten and to be ranked in the top ten in the country and for all of it to come crashing down on a long throw in left a pit in our stomach,” Coach Franks said. “I think whether its the staff reminding the guys or the guys reminding each other, that game is definitely on our minds. [We’re] just really looking to keep the guys accountable, keep the expectations high and to push the group.”

Entering his second year as DU’s head coach, Franks turned the program around last season while turning some heads. His Pios drew national attention and created a culture of excellence. After graduating only two seniors, starters Dan Jackson and Jordan Schweitzer, the team was fortunate enough to maintain its chemistry with the returners and integrate the additions of five freshmen and transfers Blake Elder of the United States Air Force Academy and Graham Smith who had previously played at Oregon State University.

“What makes us different from everyone else is that we recruit off of character. Whether they are transfers or whether they are kids that are coming right out of high school, its based off of character,” Coach Franks said.”Whenever we graduate guys obviously we miss them. We miss Dan and we miss Jordan, but the team takes on a new dynamic each year. The guys that have come into the fold, trained every single day and remained process-oriented they were ready for their call when they got it.”

Aspects of this year’s team reflect the success derived from last season’s team with the notable factors of confidence, experience and camaraderie. Young talent from last season has now matured into a lineup of seasoned veterans with the goal not only to win the Summit, but to win a national title, allowing Franks to sit back a bit and allow the older guys to take control and a stronger leadership role.

“I think the first year was about setting the tone,” Coach Franks said. “This year I have older guys. Being able to give the guys like [captain] Sam Hamilton space to lead the team and create their own culture within the locker room is important. From year one to year two, I think trusting my leaders a bit more and giving them space to do their jobs has seen better more resilient Denver soccer.”

Against Eastern Illinois on Saturday Oct. 1, redshirt freshman Ryan Schaefer scored the first goal of his college career with the sole marker on the night. Junior Alex Underwood and redshirt junior Blake Elder set up Schaefer’s finish. The victory delivered the Pioneers’ second conference win in as many games.

The expectations within the program remain the same as last season: trust in the process, motivate by the end goal, while recognizing the importance of the day-to-day progress and immediate results.

“To be 9-0-2 and to be ranked in the top ten of the country again. I think last year it caught us off guard a little bit, just how everyone was going to approach the game and how [for opposing teams] it was their biggest game of the year. I don’t think that’s crept on us this year. Moving forward, I think holding the guys to the standards that’s going to make us win  in December,” Coach Franks said.

The Pioneers travel to Indianapolis for a conference matchup against IUPUI on Oct. 7, followed by a top-ten showdown against 7th-ranked Butler University in Indiana on Oct. 10.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up With DU Men’s Soccer Head Coach Jamie Franks”

  1. Awesome. Peg has a stable of outstanding coaches, Franks being one of them. I still don’t get how he did this so quickly, but hats off to him, and to the team. Maybe the recruiting of character has a lot to do with it. It would be disappointing if the team didn’t get a win or 2 in the NCAA tournament this season. Getting to the final 8 would be a great accomplishment. Hopefully they’ll get a first round bye, then a good draw for their first game, and then another win after that. Denver vs. Univ. New Mexico at home on Oct 19th should be a great game. Hopefully the school promotes the crap out of that, and gets a full stadium.


    1. Great point, Anonymous. I think DU could do much more to promote soccer than they do currently. First, spirit squads (cheerleaders, band and dance team) show everyone that the school cares about the event. Lacrosse attendance is proof that DU can elevate a game to an event. The next phase is tailgating a big game to create a party atmosphere and a sense of unity. Third is a dedicated student section – other schools put the students behind one of the goals to get under the other goalie’s skin (and keep the colorful language further from the main crowd in the grandstand. I’d love to see DU do all three of these…UNM is a regional rival and it could be the game that helps boost soccer from campus curiosity to a spirit staple…


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