Top 10 New Years Resolutions from LetsGoDU

  • Promise to do the dishes every time Trevor Baptiste loses a lax faceoff battle.
  • For readers of LetsgoDU – stop correcting my spelling and questionable fact checking and focus on my terrible grammar.
  • Convince DU’s super soccer fan to finally shave his beard before DU loses another regular season game

Image result for longest beard

  • Give LetsGoDU’s Nick Tremaroli  a special night at The Brown Palace with a hockey stick, a dozen pucks, and a hockey cable package.
  • Challenge University Nebraska Omaha to a tractor pull so they could finally win something against DU.
  • Be DU hockey announcer Jay Stickney – for just one day.


  • Ask Rodney Billups to add the new slogan, “Yuge win”  to the old standbys –  “the strength of the team is the team”, “room for improvement” and “playing fast”.
  • When Puck Swami donates 123 million to DU athletics, send him a personal, handwritten thank-you note.
  • Stop Ryan Peck ‘s plan to ditch the North Texas mascot Scrappy the Eagle and replace him with Denver Boone.
  • And always and forever be resolute and strong in the belief that CC sucks

*Extra Credit: In order to prepare for the Frozen Four in Chicago, DU’s team will hereafter be referred to as “da’ Pioneers”.