Candidates line up to replace Omaha’s Blais

In an article in, Mavs Dean Blais Hints at the End, 65-year-old head coach Dean Blais lamented the retirement of popular University Nebraska Omaha Chancellor John Christensen. Coach Blais expressed his concern about future support for the hockey program from a new school administration.

Dean Blais is losing a huge hockey booster in outgoing Chancellor John Christensen. Christensen issued the ultimate kiss of death when he gave Blais his vote of confidence following a 9-1 Baxter Arena thrashing by the University of North Dakota January 6th. Blais also said, “Some things don’t sit right with me now.” Such as? The new Baxter Arena lost $1.5 million in its first year of operation. Also, Blais lost his radio show this year. Things are getting tough in Omaha.

Somebody needs a hug.

Three potential replacements for Dean Blais have been identified by the Maverick athletic department:

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Photo: Irv Schmott is cited by sources as a top candidate.

Schmott is from Grand Island, Nebraska. He drives to many of UNO home games and is known to be a friend of a friend of a friend of the box office coordinator at Baxter arena.

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Photo: Milo Katsikis was a former player in the Greek B league as a 24 year forward for the Parthenon Pirates. 

Mr. Katsikis moved to Council Bluffs five years ago where he opened a Greek diner called “Milo’s Gyro’s” off I-29 but a road-taking closed his restaurant. While volunteering to shag pucks at practice in his spare time, he has become increasingly critical to game planning and film study.

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Photo: Ivan Ivanovich played and coach for the old Soviet CCCP squad.

Ivanovich coached the Red Rangers in Apatity, Russia for five years and was a 15-year volunteer for the national squad. He overstayed his visa during a tournament in Helsinki. The Fins refused to take him in but his 2nd cousin twice removed from Kearney, Nebraska welcomed him with open arms. While working at the Pilot Truckstop on I-80, he caught the eye of Trev Alberts, the UNO AD.

UNO has steadied the ship over their last six NCHC games with three wins, one tie, and two losses. UNO travels to Denver for a 2-game set this Friday and Saturday night.

As the candidates jockey for position, the Blais’s fate could be determined as early as the end of the current season.