“Not in our building!”

Photo: Omaha Coach Blais hones his newly developed clairvoyant skills

It is commonly believed that Dikembe Mutombo popularized the phrase “not in my house” in basketball. And, wisely, he has used the phrase to his commercial advantage (see below).

In a slightly different twist to the phrase, when he was told that Denver could clinch the Penrose Cup with a win at Baxter Arena this weekend, Omaha’s head hockey coach Dean Blais exclaimed: “not in our building!”

According to sources, Blais will be spending most of this week memorizing the locker room speech from the movie Rudy.

Notre Dame was able to win a championship, but history shows Mutombo, though he was very well-liked everywhere he played, was never able to truly ‘defend his house’ and he retired without a title.


3 thoughts on ““Not in our building!””

  1. Hmmm…

    Deano’s not really known for publicly providing other teams with bulletin board material. Wonder why he decided to go there this time? Particularly when the possibility of having it blow up in his face is relatively high….

    That said, right now, Omaha NEEDS wins to even be considered for the NCAA tournament. The Pioneers will be facing a hungry UNO team this weekend. DU’s focus and motivation best not waver….

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  2. Dean’s a good coach, and he’s trying to fire up his team and the Omaha fan base, who have grown used to the Mav’s late season fades…

    That said, I know DU wants to clinch a Penrose Cup and are playing great hockey right now,and their motivation level should be very high.

    I am expecting two very close games, either way this weekend.

    Also, after winning nine straight, I think the Pios are kind of due to drop a game sooner or later, so if it has to happen, Saturday night after clinching the Cup on Friday would be ok with me.


  3. Winning on the road is never easy, and UNO is fighting for their postseason lives. Still, given the way this DU tea is rolling, it’s hard to fathom the Pios not getting at least a split this weekend.

    Gamesmanship on the part of the coaches is always entertaining.

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