LetsGoDU Makes Meteoric ESPN Debut

In case you missed it, Jay Stickney interviewed our very own Nick Tremaroli prior to the DU – Western Michigan third place contest on ESPN am 1600 Denver.

For those of you that missed it, the full transcript is shown below:

JS: So Nick, LetsGoDU covers everything Denver University sports, right?

Nick: Do you mean like a blanket?

JS: For example, you follow hockey.

Nick: Well, I’m here.

JS: So Nick, how do you think DU will finish the season.

Nick: On the ice.

JS: I mean their place.

Nick: No more games at Magness so they will be at someone else’s place.

JS: I mean their position.

Nick: You mean like goaltender, forward, defenseman?

JS: Ummmm…O.k., Nick. Let’s talk about last night. How disappointed were you with the final score?

Nick: I liked Kansas all the way. UC Davis just didn’t have the horses. I just love this time of year – that’s why they call it March Madness.

JS: Talking DENVER UNIVERSITY HOCKEY. What has been the biggest surprise at DU so far this year?

Nick: Well, someone stole my tent during the student hockey ticket camp out.

JS: On the ice, Nick. What is the biggest surprise you have seen on the ice.

Nick: The fin.

JS: You mean the big freshman Henrik Borgstrom out of Helsinki.

Nick: What? I meant the 5 dollar bill thrown on the ice from the student section during the CC game. I mean -when I was in college, I would have killed for five bucks!

JS: O.K. Nick…we are just about out of time. Your predictions for Western Michigan.

Nick: The farmer’s almanac is calling for drought…but the fishing looks good out of Saugatuk. 

JS: Thanks Nick.

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