Denver Dodges West Region Bracket of Death – Goes to Cincy

‘Experts’ had #1 seed Denver pegged for the West Region in Fargo to face North Dakota on, essentially, home ice. The selection committee took mercy on the Pioneers (this time) and sent them to Cincinnati. They still may face a dangerous Union team in the second round but this will at least be neutral ice for Denver.

The West Region will still be loaded with North Dakota, Duluth, Ohio State and Boston University.

Nick Tremaroli is returning from the Frozen Faceoff and will provide his take later this afternoon.

Denver starts their quest for #8 national championship against Michigan Tech.

Hockey Bracket of Death

6 thoughts on “Denver Dodges West Region Bracket of Death – Goes to Cincy”

  1. Awesome. Very happy with the bracket and where DU landed. Hopefully we get by tech, and then the second game would be a big challenge. But glad to see the committee respected Denver’s great season. Excited!!!

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  2. Glad DU got the trip to Cincy. Michigan Tech is #27 in the PWR. Respectable certainly, but would be a bottom half NCHC team if the Huskies played in our league, battling CC and Miami to get out of the basement. If DU plays a focused game, the Pios should win, 3-1 or so.

    Penn State and Union are a notch up in quality from MTU, and would be at least be mid-pack to perhaps better in the NCHC. Either team can easily beat the Pios if the Pios don’t play we’ll or if a goalie gets hot. That said, I think DU should beat either team by a goal or two, as the Pioneers are deeper and more talented.

    The rink is likely to be pretty quiet in Cincy. I could see MTU having the most fans there, with Penn State also having a presence. Union and DU will have some friends and family there but that’s it. I am guessing not more than 4-5K in the house, and I am being generous – in an 18,000-seat arena.

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  3. Let’s say Denver wins it regional and goes on to Chicago. Will DU fans be able to buy tickets? Will tickets be allocated to DU?

    Or should I go online Sunday if they win it? I was looking and face-value tickets remain in the 300 section in Chicago.


    1. Last year DU had a ticket allocation that went to season ticket holders. If you hold season tix you should be alright. If not, I’d buy tix now!


  4. If DU makes it to Chicago for the Frozen Four, being a DU season ticket holder will likely not be enough priority to get one of the 400-500 tickets the NCAA allocates to each competing school. Demand will be far higher than supply, as DU has it’s largest alumni base outside the Front Range in the Chicago area, and since Chicago is such an easy flight for the rest of the country, I could see 1,000 DU fans in the arena when all is said and done – 400-500 admitted on school-allocation tickets and the rest using whatever they can find on the legal and illegal ticket market. I think DU will take care of its key athletic donors first (Pioneer Movement Members) followed by long time season ticket holders, then newer season ticket holders. If there is any left by then, regular fans (but there won’t be). If I were you, I would become a Pioneer Movement member.


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