Is this all you got, Penn State?

Ten reasons why PSU doesn’t have what it takes:

  • A touchdown and a field goal…but it’s was against Union College

  • Claim to fame – Penn State alum John Aniston, the father of Jennifer. Kate Upton’s parents went to DU – checkmate.

  • Fictional character Bruce Banner -better known as “The Hulk” is a PSU graduate. Get real.

  • In Pennsylvania it is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. Time to either shut down the Penn State Kappa house or put them on the clock.

  • And ‘Happy Valley’ versus the Mile High City? In Denver, if you can fog up a mirror you can get a liquor license and weed is legal. Who’s really happier?

  • Only 60 months of real hockey? Watch out for the diaper pins.

  • A head coach named Guy. How ordinary.

  • Aslan, Mufasa, Scar, Nala, the Cowardly Lion and even the MGM Lion. All these and you pick a non-existent mythical lion as a mascot?

  • Penn State team uniforms look like they came straight out of the box. It’s all about putting in a little effort.

  • Football Skule

DU faces off against Penn State today at 4:00 MT for the right to advance to the Frozen Four in Chicago.

7 thoughts on “Is this all you got, Penn State?”

  1. Gotta admit that dropping a school-record 10 goals on Union in its NCAA debut (the most among all schools in the tourney since 1990) is arriving in grand style.

    They aren’t hanging ten on DU, though.

    Go Pios!

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  2. This game features the #2 offense in America (PSU) against the #1 defense in America, Denver. If DU plays the way it is capable of playing, DU should win it by a goal or two. Go Pios!

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