10 Random Reasons to Like the University of Denver over Notre Dame

Photo: Courtesy Getty Images. Many people believe the Irish leprechaun is the most obnoxious mascot in sports.

There are many reasons to like Denver over Notre Dame – here are LetsGoDU’s Top 10:

  • Sure, Notre Dame has media darlings Hanna Storm, Mike Golic, and Regis Philbin. But, hello, Denver has Jay Stickney!
  • Notre Dame claims Condoleezza Rice. Nice try. She is DU’s. Stopping at a South Bend rest stop doesn’t count.

  • The Irish fawn over Touchdown Jesus. But look around DU’s Williams Tower – Hat Trick Heaven.
  • This one is too easy…

Fighting Irish vs boone

  • While Golden Domer Joe Thiesman changed the pronunciation of his name to sound like Heisman, DU defenseman Will Butcher would never change his name to Will ‘Kobe’ Baker.
  • If the Grotto at Notre Dame is such a sacred place to visit, why is the only other one we know about at the Playboy mansion?

Image result for playboy grotto

  • George Wendt from Cheers went to Notre Dame but didn’t graduate. He is a good dude – can’t a guy get a break? Sinbad crushed it at DU!
  • If Notre Dame grads think they are smarter than everyone else, why are they tied with Vanderbilt in US News and World Report rankings?

  • Notre Dame represents Ireland in the same way that the beer patio at Denver’s Elitch Garderns represents Germany.
  • Fighting Irish hockey are one player away (forward Mike O’Leary) from being Irishless. DU’s Logan O’Connor and Henrik O’Borgstrom are just as Irish as most of their players and fans – and that’s not much.