Mascot News: Millennial millionaires mull malicious moniker

According to WCVB Channel 5 in Massachusetts, there is another mascot change brewing in the Bay State.

Students at  Lenox Memorial Middle and High School would prefer a more austere label for their school than ‘The Millionaires’.

Current students voiced their objection to the moniker and the need for a change. “The term Millionaires has become associated with the top 1 percent of our country, which excludes and burdens a very large majority of the population and currently plays a large role in the division of the United States,” student council member Julie Monteleone told the school committee at a recent meeting, according to The Berkshire Eagle newspaper.

School alums see the name differently. Four generations of Sorrentino’s family have graduated from Lenox Memorial and alum and school board member Francie Sorrentino told Mass Live that she has never has been offended by being called a ‘Millionaire’. “Some people say it’s snobbish, but that’s not true,” she said. “This is a wonderful community and nobody is treated differently whether they’re rich, middle class or poor.”

Students reinforced their belief by wealth-shaming the Millionaire nickname by a 2-to-1 margin at the end of the school year – calling the moniker divisive, leading to bullying from athletes at rival schools and doesn’t reflect the economics of the community.

We’ve proposed the following resolution:



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