North Dakota launches controversial new home uniform

When the University of North Dakota announced their new uniforms for the 2017-2018 season on Thursday, their black and green road uniforms were met with positive reviews by media and fans alike. However, their home black and white striped uniforms, called ‘Jailbreak’ by the manufacturer CCM, were met with raised eyebrows outside the Fighting Hawk family. 

“We want to recognize our tradition and celebrate our aggressive style”, said head coach Brad Berry. “Sure, the boys have had some legal problems in the past, but this is all about regaining our ‘play tough’ attitude going forward.” Berry went on to call their home stadium, the Ralph Engelstad Arena ‘the big house.”

Team captain Austin Poganski said the new sweaters provided motivation. “I love the move to five numerals and the prison theme. During team dinners, we are having meals slid under our dorm doors. We call days without practice ‘work release’ and we call our ice ‘the yard’.  We are going to start wearing ankle bracelets next week.”

Poganski said that the idea of ‘prison whites’ started shortly after DU won the national championship last season. “A couple of the guys went out and got tear-drop tattoos. That was the beginning.”

The Fighting Hawks will be donning their new home jerseys September 30th against Manitoba at The Ralph.

4 thoughts on “North Dakota launches controversial new home uniform”

  1. This is a Let’s Go D. U. joke right??
    There is no way that this can’t be really happening. Even N.D., moronic school as it is, can’t be this far off the rails. If it’s true then they should be arrested when they take the ice with that striped version and REALLY put in jail.

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  2. That “hawk” shoulder patch looks like the US Postal Service logo.
    The Bad Boyz of UND have been really quite recently. Where are the likes of Oshie, Frattin, Finley, Kristo even Blackhawk Captain Toews when you need them?

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