Show Your Colors, Buy a Denver Boone Scarf

Order your Denver Boone crimson & gold scarf on EBAY for fall and winter sports to show your Pioneer pride. The scarfs are made by Ruffneck Scarfs, Inc., the same company that manufactures the University of Denver scarfs.

Boone Scarf 2

Perfect for cool fall evenings and athletic events at DU or just wear for fun. The scarves are high quality, two-sided knits.

Denver Boone 8

*$8.00 from the sale of every scarf will be donated to DU basketball to go towards a deserving child to attend Rodney Billups summer youth basketball camp next summer. For each 50 scarfs we sell, we can send a local child to camp.

*This promotion is not sponsored by the University of Denver or the DU athletic department.

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  1. Traci – You can order more scarfs if you go to ebay and search Denver Boone Scarf. We have 9 left as of today.

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